Adonis Golden Ratio System Reviews-The 12 week Perfect Body Formula

The Adonis Golden Ratio system is an innovative and highly personalized system of enhancing the intrinsic aesthetics of the physique and body condition by burning fat and gaining muscle mass.

This Perfect Body Formula is a 12 week program designed by two leading experts in the field of physical fitness and muscle training John Barban and Kyle Leon.

Unlike other programs designed to improve health, physical condition or amass an imposing arsenal of muscle power, the Adonis Golden Ration is designed to produce the most aesthetically pleasing physique for the various body types human beings can have.

This is the biggest difference between the types of exercise programs designed to build strength, tone muscles and/ or lose weight and The Adonis Golden Ratio.

There are many reasons people will pursue a program of diet or exercise and, although most people will claim their efforts are for better health or higher performance, the number one reason we humans will sweat it out for hours and subject ourselves to the strain, dedication and effort of an exercise –not to mention the agony of a restrictive diet–program is to look better.

And not just for attracting a member of the opposite sex; looking our best and feeling our best gives us a sense of self-worth that promotes a better quality of life and general feeling of well being.

The problem with many other programs of muscle building, fat burning and exercise routines is that they don’t take into consideration the way you will look when you have completed the routine.

Naturally, by the end of the routine you will have significantly improved your physical condition, but will you actually have an aesthetically appealing body?

You will have gained the muscles, burned the fat and improved your condition, but how has that affected your proportions?

Someone tall and thin may end up with strikingly different proportions from someone shorter and stouter, and it is these proportions that decide if your physique is aesthetically pleasing or not.

The Adonis Golden Ratio System takes into account the various starting proportions that individuals will start with and then works to bring the individual to that perfect Adonis Ratio –that everyone has in them and is just waiting to be unveiled.

This means that at the end of the program you can expect to –not only have an improved physical condition including improved posture, diet and muscle tone — but more importantly the results you will achieve will have sculpted your proportions into the exact ratio perfect for you and your body type. In short you will look your best, and that is very important.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the AGR System.

Pros of Adonis Golden Ratio

  • Good for Beginners and Intermediates Alike
  • Highly Personalized Results
  • Made by Professionals
  • Supported by a Strong Online Community
  • Focus on Aesthetics Rather than Performance
  • One Payment
  • 60 Day money Back Guarantee
  • Instructional Videos make the Workout Easy to Follow

Cons of Adonis Golden Ratio

  • Can be a bit tough for the really green fitness enthusiast.
  • For some reason No Deadlifts and you’re at the GYM!
  • Questionable Supplementation Program
  • Available online in PDF and Digital Form From the Online Site

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Who Designed the Adonis Golden Ratio System?

The Adonis System was developed the Fitness and Exercise Specialist John Barban. John has spent his life studying the mechanics of the human body as it relates to the development of muscles and physique. He received his bachelor degree in Human Biology From the University of Guelph. Later on he continued his studies in the university of Florida where he finished his graduate work and went on to teach exercise physiology.

For the past decade John has been doing research and development with some of the biggest names in fitness enhancing supplement manufacturers. His research in the fields of fat loss and muscle building have been highly valued at the top sport supplement companies where he works as the academic consultant.

If you have taken any major supplement in the past 6 months or so it is quite likely you have already sampled some of his work.

John also holds a number of commendations and awards from some of the most prestigious exercise and fitness associations in North America.

John is a member of the National strength and conditioning Association and holds the title of CSCS –Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has also received a designation as a Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise.

He also has the title of Certified Fitness Consultant from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and Certified Kinesiologist from the Ontario Kinesiology Association.

Kyle Leon has also been listed as an associate producer of the Adonis Golden Ratio System. He has also been hard at work developing many diet and fitness programs, such as the Customized Fat loss Plan and the Muscle Maximizer.

Kyle has also been widely recognized as an authority in his fields of expertise — fitness and health and has been featured in Mens Health

What does the Adonis Golden Ratio System Claim it can Do?

According to the program designers, John Barban and Kyle Leon, the Adonis Ratio is a body index we all have inside us. It could be looked at as the most proportionally beautiful you possible.

Physical attractiveness, has been widely recognized as being the most proportionate set of features; artistically this is the way the forms of each muscle or muscle group curve into the next and the next and so forth until they achieve attractive dimensions the eyes can just roll through.

These ratios are seen everywhere, from the neo-classical statues of Italy and France to the sands of Mallorca and the Caribbean. However –and this is the important part– these ratios are individual. The goal of the Adonis Golden Ratio is to target the ratio perfect for you and bring you to it through a process of customized exercises and healthy eating.

For example rather than completing the program with a massive set of arms and a minuscule chest or mighty thighs and thin-ish legs –which, face it, looks pretty weird– The system will walk you through a balanced program that will give you the Greek God type body. This means your legs are proportionate to your buttocks which are proportionate with your back and arms and so on.

This results in an aesthetically superior form.

In order to accomplish this, the program begins with a careful analysis of your current proportions, this will help to develop the Adonis Index that will help you to access the nutritional plan and routine of exercises that are right for you.

Along with the Adonis Golden Ratio program you will receive a software tool into which you can input all the specifics of your current weight, height and other pertinent measurements. The program will then be customized to targeting your efforts into achieving the Adonis Ratio perfect for you.

The Basic Adonis Golden Ratio Package

The basic package deal includes:

⇒The Adonis Ratio Training Program

The Training Program will begin by taking your measurements of weight, height and waist and from this help you to choose between three basic goals, which are weight loss, muscle gain or the combination of both. Each plan has appropriate workout, supplementation and nutrition plans.

The workout plans are tough and intense and will begin the second you step into the gym. (Yes, you will need the support of gym equipment to practice the Adonis Golden Ratio System.) The program does include some pretty demanding sets so get ready to push yourself.

⇒Nutrition Program

The AGR Nutrition Program will provide you with a concise plan that revolves around the concept of Reverse Taper Diet Protocol.

The logic is simple enough, the less fats you have in your diet the more reluctant to release stored fat your body will be. This will make it harder to shed the pounds of fat your body stores.

To counter this dilemma, John Barban suggests this solution: By slowly increasing the amount of calories consumed as the body sheds weight, the body can be brought to the point where the regulation of body fat for storage and fuel is balanced nicely.

This is very different from the commonly disseminated notion that to lose weight it is required that your body kept in a calorie deficit.

⇒Nutrition Program: Supplementation Guide

There is also a Supplementation Guide included with a comprehensive list of ways to enhance the effects of your efforts through fat burning supplements and other diet and performance enhancers, which may or may not be right for you.

⇒Nutrition Guide: Nutrition Software

Upon entering your dimensions into the Golden Ratio Calculator you will be presented with a weekly list of goals to strive for in terms of perfect body measurements and nutritional targets.

This will give you a an exact count of your calorie consumption daily and weekly at the end of each week you can re-enter your dimensions and receive the new set of goals.

⇒Access to the AGR Online Community

In addition to the Training and Nutrition Programs you will be given access to the online community where thousands of others, on the same quest as yourself, offer support and encouragement on your path. This is a serious advantage as there is a great wealth of tips and pointers that make sculpting your own Adonis a whole lot easier.

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Bonus Contents

Included in the Adonis Golden Ratio Package are a number of Bonus items that enhance the value of the package and can benefit the efforts of individuals in search for their Adonis Ratio, these are:

  1. Testosterone lessons
  2. 7 days out
  3. Specialization workouts
  4. Arms & Abs Assault

Adonis Golden Ratio FAQs

Q: How long will it be until any results will be noticeable?

A: lot depends on the individual and how this or any other exercise routine is incorporated into their lifestyle. Although, if done right, this program is pretty challenging and I expect your results will be visible long before the 60 day money back guarantee expires.

Therefore, if by day-50 you haven’t noticed any changes or feel that this program is not right for you, go ahead and take advantage of the complete no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Q: Is this Program a Scam?

In my personal opinion, as a fitness enthusiast myself, I would recommend this program to anyone who feels that aesthetic results are what they need. The program was designed by an expert in the field of fitness and body mechanics and that says something — even if it only explains the supplement guide, wink wink!

Additionally, the 60-Day money back guarantee pretty much makes the deal fool proof, if it doesn’t work you get your money-back (Within 60-days).

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