Ben Pakulski Gym, Diet & Workout Plan

Ben Pakulski is an athlete and a professional IFBB bodybuilder. He started this at a very young age of 15. He loves working out. With time, he got stronger and faster. And finally discovered his passion towards bodybuilding.

Throughout his career, he has got many recognition. He posed for different magazines, taught people how to work out and many others. In 2008, Ben won the Mr. Canada Championship Bodybuilding Competition.

In his career, his tutor and idol was Late Tom Hall. However, in this article I am going to tell about his Gym, Diet, Workout routine & plans.

Totally Different Tactics from Ben

Ben Pakulski is different from others. In what way?

I would say, he is an innovator. He invented the Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP).

This CEP method helps stimulate muscle building faster. He helps his students to understand their body needs. And then tries to fulfill them with efficient techniques never used before.

Ben Pakulski has come up with different program of which MI40 is one. After the succession of the MI40 he then invented the MI40X –Read detailed review here.

the-new-mi40x-ben-pakulskiThis helps to increase body’s lean muscle and skeleton muscles. And in the mean time, it decreases body fat.

We all want to lose fat from our body. Ben Palkuski teaches us the best way possible within the shortest period of time. His techniques do not harm our body.

Some of us are so busy in life that we forget to take care of ourselves. We get fat and do not have plenty of time to exercise.

Ben has invented a Bodybuilding technique that only needs 4 minutes. This whole 4 minutes will 100% help you get a nice body structure.

Moreover, you will receive rock hard muscle in the desired areas of your body. In weeks, you will see the results. You do not have to wait for months or years.

A Tested Bodybuilding Program

His Bodybuilding program was studied and tested. Then was certified by a renowned university. Science has proven that his techniques can be used widely. In this 4 minutes of training you will encourage your CEP to response.

This will not tear any of you muscle fibers rather it will force every muscle cell to go into hyper recovery mode. The CEP muscle building program includes:

  • Nutrition and supplement guide.
  • Mental preparation period for 7 days.
  • Detox diet for 7 days.
  • Videos that show step by step training.
  • Proper instructions in a manual.
  • CEP blueprints and printable exercise sheets.
  • Secrets revealed about how to increase muscle.
  • And many others.

With Ben’s techniques, you do not have to change your eating habits. You can eat whatever you want and this will help to boost the recovery process fast. I love eating. I would obviously train with the courses Ben provides. Because these techniques give me the opportunity to keep my daily eating habits. Also I will have a nice looking body.

Watch Ben Answering 50 Bodybuilding Questions!

Different type of Guide

The programs invented by Ben comes with a training guide and a nutritional guide. Also for better understanding, it has videos with step by step demonstrations. This way you will be able to properly execute the exercises.

In the end, I would say Ben Pakulski’s Bodybuilding innovations and courses are easy. You can use them every day. Anyone can take part in his courses as long as they do not have any medical condition. You do not have to be a world champion for CEP training. A beginner can also participate. I have incorporated some of his techniques with my everyday workout. And I definitely see some differences.

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