Best Trail Camera Reviews 2019

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In this article, we shall take a look the best game camera’s available on the market. Our game camera reviews shall also take a closer look at how to choose the best game cameras and top things to consider when buying a trail camera. Our review shall talk about key features of our top 15 trail cameras, their benefits, and the advantages a user gets from using any one of the below mentioned items.

Best Game Camera

Game camera, also known as trail camera is a device used to record images, either as a video clip or as a picture. These items are weatherproof and are mainly used for game surveillance by hunters. The best game cameras allow you to set it up and it will then automatically take pictures when its sensor motion is activated. Game cameras differ from one another and purchasing a new device can be quite confusing. That’s why we have done the hard part for you. We have compiled a list of the top devices below. Take a look at our best game camera review.

  1. Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera

When you are looking for an effective camera, this one is a great choice to consider. It is amongst the smallest and high performing devices in today’s hunting industry.


This item has a very unique and appealing design that serves as an effective camouflage. Its case is equipped with a Master Lock cable slot located at the back. You are able to use this cable to secure your device onto a tree or even use its familiar nylon-webbing strap for better security. In case you decide to use a tree or a stake to mount it, use its threaded insert. Its latches work great and in case of any failures, Browning is willing to send free replacements when requested.


This item boasts a 10MP picture quality, a High Definition video with sound, and Zero-blur Night IR photos. Its nighttime infrared flash ranges to about 100 feet. This model also has a very fast 0.67-second trigger speed. You can also program in picture delay, which can be set anywhere between 5 seconds and 1 hour.


Thanks to its video option, you can decide to capture nature in its raw, undisturbed form. Browning has incorporated a new high-quality video processor, which allows a user to produce fantastic 1280 x 720 video with sound. Its videos are of high definition quality and range between 5 seconds to 120 seconds for a single shoot.


It has an all inclusive picture info bar that displays details such as date, camera ID, time, temperature, and much more. The display is easy to use as well as easy to read. It also has a backlit control panel that makes it easier for a user to program.

Multi and Rapid fire models

Your device can capture up to 8 multi shot images and 6 rapid-fire images. When you trigger the multi-shot mode, you can capture multiple pictures at once. Each shot is approximately 3 seconds apart. Rapid-fire mode is similar to multi shot. Only difference is that rapid-fire shoots up to 6 pictures in a span of 0.3 seconds.

Battery life

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera runs on 8 AA batteries. You can experience longer battery life. You are able to use different brands and types of batteries without a decrease in performance.


The camera has an SD card slot that supports up to 32 GB. However, the SD card is not included so you will need to purchase one.

Time-lapse viewer software

You can take a time-lapse video clip using this camera. Time-lapse function allows you to put up your device in the field before programming it – this will automatically capture pictures at fixed intervals. This feature is very useful especially if you are setting up in a new location where you are uncertain which point your hunting prey is entering from. You will not miss a single event when you use its time-lapse feature. You can also play back any captured video clip.


You can get your device repaired for free in case on any defects related to material. The warranty allows Browning to replace or repair your camera in case of any defects.

  1. Stealth Cam G30 Triad Armed 8mp Trail Camera

This model looks very expensive at first glance, but it is affordable. Its manufacturers have ensured you get the best value for your money. Unlike past Stealth models, its design is brand new, which is much better when compared to past Stealth cameras’. The set up is so fast and easy. This cam does not have a picture viewer but does take quality photos, videos, and time lapse. It is compatible with a tripod and a Python cable. If you are hunting for a versatile trail device, then this is it.


It produces 8.0 megapixels and comprises of three resolution settings: 8mp, 4mp, and 2mp. It has a very quick trigger speed with a 30IR emitter that travels up to an 80 feet range. The burst mode enables a user to take 1 to 9 images per trigger. The recovery time out is 5 seconds to 59 minutes. The daytime picture quality varies greatly, providing you with fantastic photos regardless of your surroundings. If there is any kind of shade around, your photos will still come out clear. They also come out good in the sun – the picture quality is awesome and many users have commented on how they developed quality images from using Stealth’s trail camera.


Its high definition recording can record from 5 seconds up to 180 seconds with audio. You are able to capture IR video and stills of several feet.


This device operates on 8 AA batteries. It also comprises of an external power jack for 12V battery box. In the events that your battery life is dying out, you will be notified via its Low Battery indicator. This allows you to never miss any shot, as you will be notified as to when you need to change out your batteries beforehand. This feature is very useful especially when you are in the field.


All Stealth models have a very clear external LCD status display. Here, you are able to see outside temperatures, battery life, time, date, moon phase, and much more. The LCD display is clear.

Other features

It has a time-lapse function with PIR override. You can take a time-lapse video clip by simply placing your machine in the field before programming it. This way you can take images at different intervals. Stealth Trail camera enables you to play back any captured video clip – this is especially useful if you feel like you missed something and want to review the footage again. Your model will also have a USB output – this feature enables you to connect your camera with other devices in an easy, yet efficient manner. It also supports SD cards and can hold an SD card with up to 32 GB storage space.

This camera is reasonably priced and performs exceptionally well. Its case is very solid and the battery case comes out, which makes changing your batteries exceptionally easy. It has a motion blur reducing setting called a “reduce blur” – this feature ensures your images are always clear no matter what. When compared to other trail cameras in same price range, this model will not disappoint. It delivers all desired outcomes from pictures to video quality.

  1. Moultrie M-880 Low Glow Game Camera

It comes with a completely new design from past Moultrie cameras. This device is very unique as it is a red glow infrared trail camera, meaning that its infrared LEDs glow red when you are taking a video or picture at night.


Moultrie is enclosed in new case as opposed to previous model. The latch is huge and relatively easy to open and close even with numb fingers. It has angled loops that lock the device safely onto a tree. If you are a fist time user, the programming will take some getting used to but after some time it becomes a breeze to operate. Some key settings include:

– 1 -3 multi-shot

– 5seconds – 90 seconds video clips

– Time lapse of 10/ 30 sec. 1/ 5/ 10/ 15/ 30 minutes. 1/ 2/3/ 6/ 12/ 24 hours. 1 or 2 programs / day

– It has PIR settings of high and low

– It allows for SD overwrite

It has flash settings with motion on/ off features


The camera has a picture trigger time of just under a second with picture recovery time of 4.5 seconds, which is good by today’s standard. It also comprises of video trigger and recovery time, k the ranking even more accurate. For video clips, the trigger time is 1.49 seconds and recovery time is 7.7 seconds – this is well above average. Its detection range is at 50 feet.


Daytime images have exceptional contrast and color. Its photo resolution is 8 mp enhanced with three settings fro high, medium, or low. The flash glows red, which contributes greatly when you are taking photos are night. Night images come out excellent. It has a perfect contrast that makes night pictures sharp and clear. Flash range is approximately 50 feet. If you are looking for best trail camera to take night pictures, then Moultrie is what you need. Night pictures is clearly the strong point for this device.


Video resolution is 1280 x 720 with no audio. Daytime video clips have solid clarity and good color. However, this model does not record video with audio. Night videos are excellent as well and the flash range is very strong. Keep in mind that night videos can only be recorded up to 30 seconds.

Battery life

Resting power is very low at 0.9 mW, and daytime power consumption is at 2.18 Ws, which is really good. Night power consumption is on the higher side at 10.04Ws. Even with high nighttime consumption, your device holds up very well. Your camera can operate on 8 AA batteries and it does not operate with rechargeable batteries so ensure you have extra batteries with you at all times.

Overall, if you want a device that has a good battery life and exceptional night pictures/ video’s Moultrie should be your choice. Read your manual carefully and in case of any programming issues, you are requested to contact its manufacturers so that they can guide you on how to best operate your machine.

  1. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG

This camera is similar in size to a Moultrie M-880. It is very small and lightweight. It has a 2-line LCD display but no photo viewer. It uses a hinge located at the back design – this ensures your camera stays in place and does not flop around when you open it.


Set up is fairly easy and quick and many customers have commented on this. You do not even need to refer to the manual for set up. If you has the old model, then this one is definitely an advanced camera. It has new button switch settings and labels. Some switch settings include Off, 01, 02, 03, Custom, and Test. For typical camera setting, use the Custom settings. The 01, 02, and 03 are presets that enable you to quickly set up and start taking images. This device supports video clips, photos, and time lapse plus motion. Its LED flash cover provides a break up of dark blue and black LED’s.


Do not be fooled by its size. You can get a range of high quality pictures and video clips. When used during sunny days, you will end up with very realistic color profiles and fantastic focus. You can also opt to use but reduce blur option to get more clarity with every image captured. It also offers a great white balance on your images. Its flash range is up to 60 feet – when compared to its sheer size, this works to its strengths. Its burst mode produces 1 – 9 images per trigger with 0 -59 sec / 1 – 59 minutes of recovery time out.

Battery and Lapse + Motion

It requires 8 AA batteries to operate. They are stored in a pop out tray that is easy to reach. Enjoy hours of taking images and videos without worrying about your battery life. It has great consumption rate for both daytime and night pictures. It also has an external power jack for a 12V battery box.

As mentioned earlier, this G42 comes with a control motion blur feature called a “Reduce Blur”. This setting enables a user to take very clear images no matter their surroundings. It has a time-lapse function with PIR override

Other features

This camera has slots for a wide buckle strap and comprises of a python cable hole situated on the back of your device. It also has a tripod mount on the bottom. A user can opt to strap their camera on top of a tree or mount it on a tripod – whichever suits them best.

The camera has an SD card slot that supports up to 32 GB. Keep in mind that the memory card is not included in your purchase. You will need to purchase one if you wish to have more storage space for your clips and videos.

Just as other trail camera’s, G42 has an external LCD status display that shows time, date, temperatures, and moon phase.

  1. Stealth Cam STC-P12 6.0 Megapixel Digital Scouting Camera

STC – P12 is a 6-megapixel-trail camera that features a 12 IR LED flash, burst mode, programmable trigger intervals, and EZ dial programming with quick set. Daytime images are colorful and sharp with good contrast. There is little to no blur in all daytime pictures. The most unique feature about STC –P12 is its EZ Dial Programming with Quick Set. This feature comprises of a simple dial switch that allows a user to select a custom setting out of the three programs.

Quick Set

– QSet1 : 6MP images, 30 sec delay, 3 images per trigger

– QSet2 : 6Mps images, 30 sec delay, 1 image per trigger

– QSet3 : VGA video, 30 sec delay, 10 sec length

– Other custom settings include the Custom option and the Test Mode option.

– Custom: 4MP images, 5 sec delay, 1 image per trigger -a user can change this default setting.

– Test Mode: this helps you determine your camera’s PIR sensor coverage area.

Battery and Storage

P12 is powered by 8 AA-batteries that can last for long periods of time. Depending on usage, they can last up to more than three months. In most cases, the batteries have lasted even longer than three months- of course depending on usage (for example, are you using your device for images or for video shooting?). It can support SD memory card up to 32 GB. These features enable you to store more pictures and video clips than before. When your SD card is full, you can easily save your data to your laptop or cloud and re-write the same SD card.


According to, Stealth Cam P12 is among the “Top 15 best selling trail camera models.” It is priced at an affordable rate but performs exceptionally well. As mentioned earlier, its biggest strength is its daytime image quality. The pictures are simply marvelous especially for a cheaper model like this one.

Other features

It has a very clear external LCD display screen, which includes a battery indicator option. This option enables you to always be prepared with extra batteries. This device has a USB output and external 12V power jack. It is compatible with a python cable and all images produced are stamped with time, date, and moon phase information.

Its Burst Mode produces 1 to 6 images per trigger – all images are very clear and colorful. Its adjustable image resolution works well t produce exactly what you need. Image resolution settings include high at 6 MP, Medium at 4 Mp, and low at 2Mps.

  1. Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Hybrid Trail Camera with Night Vision

Bushnell Cam HD Photos

This device captures images at 3 MP, 5 MP, or 8 MP. You can select the picture quality that best suits your needs. Also, the MP you choose should match the SD card you have installed. Keep in mind that higher Mega Pixels means more storage space. This model produces high quality pictures. Daytime images have a great contrast and are rich in color. Its black-flash is very strong and does a fantastic job with nighttime photos.

It has a 0.6 second trigger speed – this is extremely fast. Its quick reacting detection circuit is very helpful if you are on an active trail setup.


You will definitely fall in love with Bushnell’s video quality. The video quality is great even when viewed on a laptop or when you post it on your social media platforms such as Facebook, or Instagram. Your friends can enjoy watching what you shared. Its video is with audio. You can select the “Hybrid” option – when triggered, you can capture a trail picture and then capture trail video clips. This feature is quite useful and you will get more footage this way.

Battery life

Bushnell recommends you use 8 AA Energize Lithium batteries. The batteries can last more than three months if used frequently. However, you can get more out of them if you mainly use normal settings.


This trail cam is so easy to use. We are yet to find any users who had anything negative to say about its usage. The device has a simple and straightforward menu layout. Anyone can use it without needing to refer to the manual. However, if it is your first time using a Bushnell trail cam, it’s best to first read the manual so that you can familiarize yourself with it, understand what features it has, settings, etc. On the menu bar, you can change date and time, adjust your Hybrid settings, video quality, picture quality, or even the video length.


With all the fantastic features you receive, it really is a steal. This micro-sized trail Cam provides you with all the above-mentioned features plus more! Your images will always be of high quality as well as your video clips quality. You can share your videos via email to your loved ones and the quality does not deflate. It still looks as good as it does on your computer. This is one of the top rated and high performance trail Cam available on the current market. It will not disappoint with its fast trigger speed, high quality images and clips, and its solid reliability. Enjoy hours of deer hunting using this nifty little device.

  1. Covert Scouting Cameras MP-E5 Infrared Trail Camera

Covery MP-E5’s popularity is increasing at a very rapid rate. This item is very affordable and easy to use.



MP-E5 takes crystal clear pictures from up to 45 feet away. This device is very small and compact. It records videos for up to 10 seconds – this feature is quite useful especially if you want to see which direction deer are coming from. Daytime photos are so clear and focused that you can make out just about any object or animal that was standing far away from you. Nighttime images are also good – not as good as daytime ones but they will provide you with any key information you might be looking for.


It comes with four easy to use pre- set buttons that makes setting up exceptionally quick and easy. Each photo taken is stamped with the date, time, temperature, and moon phase information. For deer hunters, this information is useful as you get to keep records of what time and dates you are likely to find more deer for hunting, etc. Information gathered can help you become a better hunter

Battery life

It has an incredible battery life that runs for a long time to come. It operates on 8 AA batteries. You are able to use it for long periods of time without worrying about its batteries .One customer stated that he used MP- E5 for over six months in frigid temperatures in Northern Wisconsin. He was also able to capture thousands of photos over the course of his hunting season without the need to replace his batteries. You can experience longer battery life. You are able to use different brands and types of batteries without a decrease in performance.


The camera has an SD card slot that supports up to 32 GB. However, the SD card is not included so you will need to purchase one. 32GB memory card allows you to store thousands of images and tons of video clips. It is best to save all your data to your laptop or external hard drive after every hunting expenditure. This is because you do not want to lose any data, plus, when you copy your data to another drive, you will get more free space to store new data into.


If you are looking for a trail Cam that is below $100, Mp- E5 is what you need. It provides a user with quality and fantastic features. Battery life will not fail you and set up is very easy. If you are a fist time user, most settings are pretty straight forward. Covert trail Cam’s are known for their affordability and outstanding performance and this model does not disappoint.

Covert Mp –E55 is one of the best bargains in trail Cams. Remember to stock up on batteries though – especially if you are going to be taking more video clips than photos. Its LED lights allow for no flash but pictures are still clear and colorful. It is a bit tough to get clear night photos but once you learn how to use your camera, how to place it, this will not be an issue any longer. It all depends on how you place it and what sort of settings you use.

  1. Wildgame Innovations Micro Crush X10 Hunting Trail Camera

Wild Game Innovations Micro Crush X10 is a Lee and Tiffany trail camera. It is fairly priced and includes a 10mp micro digital HD settings. This device can capture 30 seconds 720p videos and incredible HD pictures. Beginners or pros can use it. The entire camera is about 1.2lbs. It is great for outdoor activities such as deer hunting, gaming, and scouring.


This item has a 27 piece invisible LED and wide angle lens that produce stunning images. It comprises of advanced features such as the 1 second trigger and infrared flash. The menu operations and setting are user friendly and operating it is a breeze. Its picture quality is good – images are very clear and not blurred. In most cases, photos are ruined by sudden movements that cause a lot of blurring – that is not the case here; you will get quality pictures and video all the time.


During any purchase, remember to fill out the warranty card, as it is required when you want to return your device within one year. If you encounter any defects, you are able to return it from replacement or repair.

Other features

This product is very compact. It is also water resistant, weather resistant, and comes inclusive of a Wild Game Innovations Flextime Software. The Flextime software is user friendly and easy to use – it might take a while for you to get used to it but once you do, it will be a good added feature to have. The included USB cable allows you to transfer and manipulate media as you see fit. You can copy your images to your computer or share them with friends and family on your social media platforms. Other accessories included in its packaging include bungee cords.

Battery life

8 AA batteries are used for operation. They last up to three or more months before needing to be changed. You can use different brands of batteries to operate your trail cam.


Purchase a 32 GB SD storage card to enjoy huge amounts of data. You are able to capture thousands of images before filling up your card. When full, simply transfer all your data; pictures and video clips to your computer. This way, you can view your data whenever you please, be it years from now.

WGI camera has good sensitivity and pictures can be triggered from approximately 70 to 80 feet away, but for best picture quality, reduce to 65 feet or less.

  1. Covert MP8 IR Game Camera Mossy Oak


MP8 IR has a mossy oak look, making it suitable for outside use. It tends to blend well in all outside settings and it is near impossible for an animal or a human to spot it. This trail camera is very strong and powerful and provides a user with quality images at all times. It is enclosed in a durable case that will protect your camera for years to come without the need to replace it.


It has an 8 Mega Pixels camera that produces quality images and video. The 28 infrared LEDS are positioned in a way that you get maximum efficiency every time. Time lapse and start/ stop modes are user friendly and very useful for the overall setup.

Battery life

Just as other trail cams, it is operated by 8 AA batteries that last for months – depending on usage. Its external battery port is a fantastic feature that works well especially when you are in the field and your batteries run out. You can simply plug your device into a jack and power it up. Using an external battery port enables you to move freely and not be bound to that one location while your device powers up.


When you compare to other trail cams in the same price range, it is obvious that Covert MP8 IR Game Camera is considered a quality item due to its versatility. You can get up to 10 years out of your camera without any replacements required. This is because its components are quite reliable. You get the best value for you money here. Covert cameras are known to last longer than others and this model is no different.


You need to purchase an SD card with full capacity of 32 GB. This way, you can store huge amount of data.

Covert MP8 – IR Game Camera is recommended for beginners and up. Getting familiar with your device takes a while but once you do, it is so easy to manage. Despite its price range, you still receive all advanced features – this makes it a powerful item even for advanced users. You will get maximum usage out of all the functions available. In the case you need help, simply refer to its highly detailed manual.

Daytime pictures are crystal clear and colorful. Its flash range is up to 40 feet. Night time pictures could be better but they are still visible and focused. You can configure your camera settings.

  1. Browning Trail Camera – Recon Force XR


Recon Force XR comes in a plastic shell and inside this covering; you get your camera, instruction manual, a mounting strap, and a mini CD. This device is well designed. Its front has a tree bark camouflage finish and the other components are solid brown in color. Cover latches are strong allowing your camera to withstand brutal elements for months at a time. Inclusive of batteries, it weighs just 1 pound 3 ounces.


It has a front IR flash, temp sensors, a battery indicator light, the camera lens, and 30 LEDs. Situated at the back are ridges used to grip onto trees, a padlock hole, holes for a python cables, and loops for mounting straps.

The speaker and 12V power port are located at the bottom. Its power port is covered by a silicone rubber cover that protects it from moistures. Navigating your option menu is fairly simple. Used the “E” mode and operate using the four directional buttons. Here, you can set up the date, time, and select your desired picture and video settings.


To load your 8 AA batteries, all you need to do is push the “Eject” button located at the top and your battery compartment will slide out from the bottom.


Located on its inner side is a standard SD Card Slot (it can hold up to 32 GB SD card), a TV Out port for viewing images and video on a TV screen. And a USB port that you can use to connect to a computer.


Recon Force takes high quality images that are bright and have good contrast. Daytime pictures have little to no blur, thanks to its fast trigger speed. You will receive sharp images of even a deep running across your camera frame. Night time images are also very good and have minimal ghost effects.


These cameras are compatible with several accessories including a Browning Security Box that gives you 3 places to lock your box to a tree. The 3 places include a standard padlock, and the other ports located on the back work best with a steel Python cable. If you are looking for more flexibility in mounting and aiming your camera, then a Browning Tree Mount is what you need to purchase.

For under $100, Browning Recon Force Trail camera truly gives a user best value for their bucks. Aside from AA batteries, you can use rechargeable batteries in case your batteries run out of juice. The device is packed with some pretty awesome features and produces very satisfying videos and high quality photos – be it day time or night time.

  1. Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless Black LED Trail Camera with Night Vision

Here is a trail camera that runs on AT&T network. You will have complete control over your camera and you can do so from a smartphone app or from a computer. Some settings you can control from the net and app are:

– Image resolution’

– Camera mode

– Shutter speed

– Motion sensitivity

– LED flash intensity

– Delay intervals

– Pictures per trigger, and much more!

You can also view the following trail indicators:

– Battery level

– Cellular signal strength

– And storage capacity

Set up

When you put batteries on and power up your device, head on over to Here, you can access your machine over the AT&T network. All you need to do is enter the serial number of your camera and then register the SIM card and activate your camera. From here on, you can remotely set up the Trophy Cam. Set everything the way you want and head on out to your deer hunting adventure. You can choose to be alerted via email or app alerts.


Referred to as “thumbnails”, they are small, low resolution versions of your trail cam images. Original pictures are still stored on your SD card but only a thumbnail is transmitted to the app and internet. Each image is time and date stamped.

Cellular coverage

Your trail cam is capable of sending pictures via AT&T GSM network. You require a SIM card and a data plan to access this service. Before purchasing your Bushnell Trophy Cam, check out AT&T coverage map first to see if your area is covered.

After purchase, Bushnell will ship the Camera with a SIM card and your data plan is free for the first month – this trial begins when you activate your account and register the trail Cam. If you wish to change your data plan, you can do so by contacting Bushnell or by making online purchase. Check your accounts page of the WTC site for rates and plan upgrades.


If you are working on a budget, then this might not be the item for you. It is on the higher side but the features and benefits you get will be worth every penny. Initial price is inclusive of a one month free data service. After it runs out, you have several choices. Some options available include:

Maintenance mode – 0 monthly thumbnails at $6.99

Economy package – 1,000 monthly thumbnails at $9.99

Basic data package – 2,000 monthly thumbnails at $19.99

Deluxe plan – 5,000 monthly thumbnails at $29.99

Elite plan – 10,000 thumbnails per month at $59.99

If you live far away from hunting camps, maintenance mode will be perfect for you because you will have complete control over all your settings and you can also view your battery life. Keep in mind that no pictures or thumbnails are received on your Apps with this package

All other data package are per month and the price is recurring.

Other features

You will receive 60 feet of flash range and PIR sensor, 32 No glow LEDs, and a 2.4 inch LCD display that is easy to use and navigate. Video length is from 1 second to 60 seconds – this setting is programmable via the display or app setting. Your Bushnell Cam has a 2X field scan with two available time slots. A user can monitor dusk and dawn movements. A user is able to capture tons of images using the 0.6 second trigger speed. Enjoy 8MP high quality pictures – be it daytime or night time images. Temperature range from -5 degree F to 140 degrees F. The battery life is known to last for more than three months without needing replacement.


  1. Bushnell X-8 6MP Trail Camera with Night Vision and Field Scan


Bushnell X-8 6MP Trail Cam is among one of the most desirable devices on the market. They offer 4mp or 6 mp with high- quality full color resolution. This means that a user can take fantastic images with great colors that are very clear. Your Bushnell X-8 6MP Trail Cam has its own auto sensor that helps a user determine the difference between daytime and nighttime – this way you can switch to whichever mode that will enable you to take better pictures. Using this feature, you can set up and get a shot within a shorter time.


Bushnell X – 8 6Mp Cam has an adjustable PIR. A user can set up their device to take closer images through its low PIR selection option. You can opt for medium PIR selection or its high PIR selection.


Using its fast one second trigger speed, you will not miss any shot you wanted. Get all shots without missing a beat.


Your Cam is compatible with other external power sources. In case you need to plug it to charge, you can do so using external sources enabling you to continue taking pictures throughout. If you do not having another alternative, you can use 8 AA batteries to power it up. Your batteries should last you a good three to four months without replacement.

One thing that impressed up the most was its size. It is very small and compact; you can carry it around with you with ease. You will take fantastic pictures every time no matter the time of day. Bushnell X – 8 is truly one of the best stealth camera available. It works well and last for a long time. Durability is a key consideration, as you want a device that can withstand extreme weather and still perform.


After a thorough online research, we have concluded that it is among one of the most affordable Cam that offer such quality picture and video clips. Its battery life is quite impressive and all other functions work just as promised. It built quality is exceptional and your device should last you for years to come when well taken care of.

  1. Browning Trail Camera


It is among one of the smallest game Cam on the market. It offers a user with excellent picture quality and a very fast detection circuit. It fits comfortably in a users hand and can be strapped to a tree in no time at all. It comes with a tree pattern camouflage case that is weatherproof. You can plug your Strike Force into an additional power pack or a solar panel using the external power jack. If you do not have a power jack, you can use 6 AA batteries that last approximately three months when used frequently.

Photo quality

Browning Trail Camera takes images with a 10 MP resolution. This incredibly high resolution gives a user the ability to zoom in on a photo on your computer without them appearing blurry. Image quality depends on its resolution, flash range, and field of view.

Strike Force infrared flash has a range of 100 feet and in our reviews, this is the best yet. Such range means that your device will easily detect and illuminate any object or animal that is far away. Infrared flash technology used here emits a red glow when taking a photo. Nighttime images are viewed in black and white, while daytime images are full colored.

Field of view means the measurement of how wide of an area your camera will capture. Strike Force field view is 55 degrees. This is well above average and such degrees will provide you plenty of room to capture images of animals.


When you place it on video mode, you can capture video clips with 720p resolution. You can pause and zoom in on animals without losing any details. Whether recording during daytime or night time, your data will be clear.


Strike Force has exceptional detection circuit, thanks to its speedy recovery time, quick trigger, and solid detection zone. Detection range is 50 feet – this means that if an animal moves within 50ft of your Strike Force, your device will trigger and immediately take a video or picture, depending on your settings. Detection angle is same as its field view of 55 degrees. You will be provided with ample area coverage.

Strike Force has a trigger speed of 0.67 seconds, meaning if your Cam detects and animal, chances are you will get that animal in the image, even if the animal was standing still or running.

Recovery time is 2.3 seconds, meaning a users device will be ready to take another image very quickly. A user will get multiple shots within a 1 minute time span.

Time Lapse and audio

You can set up your Strike Force to snap images at specific intervals. This is quite useful especially if you want to get a clear scope of what sort of animals might be lurking nearby when you are not looking. Strike Force has audio so a user can hear the animals as well as see them. This feature can be useful if an animal moves past you and out of range while video is recording. Even if you won’t see it, you can have an idea of its movements by listening closely.

Watching video with audio will be more engaging as well. Imagine listening to an animal lurking nearby – you will be more motivated to go after him.

Additional features

Strike Force has a two multi-shot mode. The first one allows you to program it to take up to eight photos per trigger with three seconds spacing. Second mode, called Rapid Fire, takes up to six images in a rapid burst with each image 0.3 seconds apart. You will get more images, more details, etc about any animal you are hunting.

  1. Pyle PHTCM28 Water Resistant Wild Game Trail Scouting Camera

People tend to overlook this item due to its small size. However, it is much more powerful than expected. If you are looking for something out of the norm trail Cam, then Pyle PHTCM28 will not disappoint.


It works well in forest areas and swamps and is a perfect choice for outdoor game activities. If you plan to buy it for home security, it will not as well as it will stick out. It has rounded edges that differentiate it from all other trail Cams on the market. If you are looking for uniqueness, nothing can beat Pyle PHTCM28.


Some people think that because it is small, then it is fragile This is not the case. The casing is a tight and snug fit, so even if you hit it by mistake, any shock will be absorbed by its casing and will not affect any of your shots. It is water resistant as well and holds up pretty well in bad conditions. Small size does not work against it but works on its favor.

Images and Video

It has an 8MP image resolution. You can zoom in on any picture without it becoming blurred or distorted. Your images will look fantastic and wonderful even on big television screens. Pictures are more colorful in both picture modes – daytime and night time. Video resolution is 640 x 480, which is more than enough, especially coming from a device this small and compact.


You need only 4 AA batteries to operate. They last for a long duration of time, some lasting up to four months depending on usage. Manufacturers ensured that all in built features do not draw too much power; hence your device will stay operational for days on end. The battery saving mode “standby mode” ensures that battery usage is reduced when your device is not operational. However, aside from standby mode, the overall power consumption of this camera is very low, even when it is operating at 8Mp. For advanced users, you can configure your settings to enable more battery usage.


Despite its small size, it weighs in at 1.2 pounds. This means that it is very solid and will not break easily. Its weight ensures it lasts for a long time.

All levels of users will be able to operate it; from beginners to professionals, all advanced features are very easy to operate. However, it will be easier for first time trail Cam users to operate as opposed to individuals who are used to more complex models. Beginners tend to have an easier time with its operating learning curve than professional level users.

If need be, the 8Mp can be alternated with 5MP – by doing so, you will get more storage space when you take pictures or videos. Nighttime vision works exceptionally well and rangers up to 45 feet out. To get that perfect shot, you can place your device at a far distance.

The PIR motion detection sensor is very precise. Its SD card support allows a user to save up more data. It is easy for users to eject and transfer all of their files to a compatible computer or a MAC system.

You get complete clarity with your images and they are not fuzzy or washed out. If you want a small trail Cam that can last up to six years without needing any placements, then Pyle PHTCM28 will deliver.


  1. Bestok 12MP Digital Infrared Night Vision Outdoor Waterproof Wildlife Cam

This has to be one of the best alternative trail Cams available. It has so many quality features and it is still affordable.


It is an all black device that can be hidden in just about any place. There are two yellow lens located on the main camera and sensors. It is very lightweight and weight in under a pound making it very compact and easy to carry around.


It has a strong casing that protects it from poor weather conditions and other aspects that might harm it. Just as any other device, do not drop your trail camera, as when it endures a lot of drops, it will end up breaking or getting dents.

Pictures and videos

It takes images with a resolutions of a whooping 12MP! From all trail Cams we have looked at, this is the highest resolution offered for this price range. It has great clarity and brightness. You can blow up your image to view small objects in the back ground at your picture will still be clear. 12Mp resolution is available for both daytime and night time intervals.

The maximum pixel size is 4000 x 3000 and its images look awesome on a HD television. If you want to save up on space, you can opt for the 5MP mode. Images are still clear but you can note the difference when you alternate from 12MP down to 5MP.

Bestok 12Mp Cam offers a 720p video default, which is good even at 30fps. Other models tend to offer only 20fps


Four AA batteries are required to operate. If you feel that four AA batteries are not adequate, you can opt to purchase a battery box where you can use 8 AA batteries that will surely last longer. There is an option for a 6V dc external jack that a user can use to charge their Cam – this will save you tons of cash in battery bills.

Recommended level

Bestok wildlife cam is better when used by individuals who are intermediate and upper levels. It is best suited for advanced users, as they will benefit the most from all its additional features. If you are a beginner, the manual might be confusing and not too helpful – this is why intermediate users will have an easier time operating it. Although, if you are someone who embraces challenges and are good with such devices, then give it a go. Once you learn how to use it best, you will be amazed at all the customizable features available.

Other Features

You receive a 4GB card to get you started, a USB power cable, a belt, and a TV cable. For such a low price, this is a lot of items. If well taken care of, your device should last you up to five years without any replacement. A user also gets a wide field of view. Compared to similar cameras in its price range, Bestok 12MP wildlife Cam delivers more than expected.

How To Choose game camera reviews

When looking for the best game camera, there are certain things to look out for. In this review, we shall go through top things to consider when looking for the best game camera

  1. About Game Cameras

Picking a Game Camera can be a very confusing task – especially if you are a first timer. As stated above, these gadgets are used by hunters to take images and videos of animals. They vary greatly and the features provided depend on how much you want to spend, what sort of settings you will be using your device, and other relevant considerations we have stated below.

  1. Types of Game Cameras

Buying a trail camera is no easy task due to all the different makes, types, and models available. Types of game cameras available include:

Cellular Camera

This type records images and transmits then to your phone and tablet through an internet connection. You need to purchase a SIM card and insert it in your Cams slot and then use it just like you do a phone. Most cellular gadgets work on GSM networks, thus you need to buy a data package for your SIM card. They are easy to install and do not have many wires running all around them.

Wireless Wi-Fi Camera

They have an in built transmitter that transports images using a wireless network. A user has to first choose a wireless network to the receiving device in their camera to connect them both. Wi-Fi gadgets are quite innovative and very user friendly. They have no wires and very few attachments. They are great for indoor use.

Security Cameras

If you feel like you need to keep an eye out on you home and surrounding areas, then you can opt for a security camera. If perhaps you have put up a temporary shelter in the woods, then a fully enabled security Cam is best for surveillance purposes. You can monitor wildlife activities in and around you and keep one step ahead of any dangers. Some people also use them to keep an eye out on their businesses or homes. Keep track of any robbery or vandalism happening in your residence or business using one of these.

NOTE: If placed inside your home, remember that law forbids one installed in private areas such as toilets, closets, or bathrooms. If you have one inside your home, remember that all private moments and conversations are recorded, so delete any unwanted footage. With high cyber crime rate, you might be shocked to find your private moments broadcasted for all to see.

Infrared Cameras

Best used for tracking and recording purposes during night time. These gadgets have high resolution and are capable of capturing night images with great clarity. They come fitted with sensors that automatically turn on and off. If you want a gadget to take with you to capture wildlife, then this is it. They work wonders in dim or night lit shots. They are also very sensitive and will start clicking away when they motion sensor is activated.

They are very easy to install and come as a single unit with lens and recording storage. Their infrared cameras are sturdy and can withstand tampering and other bad weather conditions. They are quite durable and do not give way easily.

Flash Cameras

Specially made for night shots, this Cam switches to flash mode for a capture. You can also use it for daytime activities as well. The setup is simple and they are easy to install. They provide a user with high portability and are available in a variety of sizes. Picture quality is extremely good and most flash Cams have the best zoom capabilities.

  1. What to Look For
  2. Image quality

Image quality is measured in Mega Pixels (MP) and is referred to as resolution. The more MP your Cam has, the better its picture quality. Average trail Cams come with 5 to 7MP. You can however find better ones that give you resolution as high as 20MP. It is best not to buy any item that has less than 5MP because its images will be blurry, especially if you blow it up on a full screen. Plus, their night time performance will be terrible – you will likely not see anything.

With 5MP and higher cameras’, the difference between daytime and night snaps varies hugely so be wary when purchasing your device. Read about its features and if possible, go online and read past reviews to see what past customers think about that particular model’s image quality.

If you plan to use your trail camera for wild life photography, then a high resolution gadget is what you need. For a Cam that is strictly for game needs, you need about 1 to 10 MP – the higher the MP’s, the more expensive your gadget.

  1. Trigger time

This is time a camera takes from detecting movement to capturing a snapshot, the lesser, the better. Look for a gadget that has a trigger time of below one second. A slow trigger speed is suitable for those games that you need to monitor something stagnant and non-moving, for example if you have tied a bait. You can also use them when you are in situations where an animal is bound to linger for some time.

The fastest trigger speed available on current market is 0.14 seconds.

NOTE: When using a wireless cellular Cam, your trigger time will be a little slower because it will include the time your camera takes to transmit and store a picture in connected device.

NOTE: if you have an infrared flash, you will only receive black and white images during night shots.

  1. Flash or Infrared

There are two types of flashes available and choosing the right type of flash is crucial as it can either improve your game or not.

Incandescent flash (also known as LEDs)

It has a bright white light that makes any image taken in shadows and dark places clear and refined. Your images contrast and quality is fantastic. Even night shots come out in color – though not as great as daytime images.

The downside to LEDs is that they can scare away your game at night. Its bright white intense flash can also blind you for a few seconds. This type of flash can also attract other hunters in the same area. If you use it for security purposes, then it will definitely alert intruders.

Infrared Flash

These types of flashes create an invisible zone and do not draw any attention. The only visible thing one can see at night is their red dot on the camera. However, this red glow is usually unnoticeable. Some of new infrared models have hidden this red glow, making a camera completely hidden. For night games, infrared flash is the most suitable option.

Some new models have come up with interchangeable flashlights. This means that you can either opt to use infrared or LEDs flash – the choice is up to you.

  1. Detection Circuit

Refers to the range within which a cameras sensor can detect movement and trigger your camera to capture an image. The range is measured in feet. Long range cameras are preferred for farm hunting or wild hunting. Current cameras have a detection range of almost 100 feet.

Before purchasing, you need to be sure that they can deliver the guaranteed specs. Some models manage only 2/3rd of guaranteed range performance while others deliver 100 percent of promised specs.

An average detection range of trail Cams is 60 to 70 feet. Gadgets with lower ranges are best suited if you are covering a limited area. If not, then go for long range ones. Along with detection range, you need to inquire about the field of view. As mentioned earlier, it is the width within which your camera can detect movement. Wide field means better capture.

  1. Anti Theft cables and security box

Since trail cameras do not come cheap, you need to know that they might get stolen. Also, since you are using them in the wild, they might get dislodged and tampered on by wild animals. Although these devices are sturdy and are manufactured specially for outdoor usage, they can still get damaged.

Theft cables and security boxes are items that can be used to protect your gadget from theft or damage. Security boxes come in strong materials such as stainless steel – this material will protect your device from scratches or other damages. Before you purchase your camera plus its security box, check how compatible they are. For example, if you find a security box that has too much space left after you insert your Camera inside, do not buy it. This is because your camera will keep bumping the insides of your security box, which in turn will cause damage to it.

Its lock mechanism should not be too complicated as well. This is because you do not want to be struggling for minutes on end with your security box trying to ply it open. Security boxes come in a wide range of colors and shades. You can even opt for a camouflage casing if you plan to set up your gadget on a tree – it will blend well with nature and no one will know that it is there except you.

A game in the wild requires a camouflaged exterior so that it does not draw any attention of humans, intruders, or animals. Tyr out your security box beforehand; if it does not match, look for another alternative even if it is from a different brand name.

Anti theft cables can be bought alongside a trail Cam. These cables can be used to mount a Cam for a perfect shot. You can easily tighten or loosen their grip at any time. You do not need to stock up on them as they all come in a free size. Look for strong cables that are made from a number of twisted thin steel cables. They will be very tough and durable. Anti theft cables are usually covered with a vinyl coating making them soft and safe to touch. They have a locking system that can be slid over the cable and fastened wherever the grip is necessary. Check your locking system to ensure it is tight and not tangled up.

  1. Viewing Screens

Not all trail Cam come with a viewing screen. If you can afford it, its best to go for a Cam inclusive of a viewing screen. A viewing screen can be quite beneficial as you can be able to position and set up your camera in the right height and direction by referring to your viewing screen for reference. You are also able to review images taken immediately.

It acts just the same as a digital camera. In the case where your SD card is full, you are able to begin deleting the unwanted images by reviewing them and deleting them to free up some space.

Many trail Cams come with HD supporting and LCD viewing screens. LCD screens are much better and more clear. However, they cost more than a normal screen. It is up to you to decide what kind of screen you need.

A viewing screen that is too small will not serve its purpose because you will not be able to clearly see from it. LCD screens are more sensitive than regular screen – remember to protect your screen at all times. Viewing screens are relatively easy to use and makes setting up a camera a breeze.

Some professional game level individuals prefer to not have viewing screens because they are exceptionally good at placing and setting up they cameras with no assistance. External viewing screen tends to make a camera bulkier and the larger the screen, the more bulky it will be. Viewing screens come in many sizes so pick one that you prefer.

  1. Prices

Before anything else, your decision will always come down to the price. Before venturing off to your trail purchase journey, set a budget and stick to it. With all the different models, features, etc, available, you will get confused and tempted to buy something that is far beyond your means. Trail Cams are available from $80 up to $10,000 or more! You need to first jot down key features you are looking for, price range, etc beforehand. This way, you will have a clear picture of what you are looking for and where to begin.

If you are a beginner, going out and buying a gadget with all features will be expensive and a waste of your money because you will end up not using half of the features included.

If you are looking for a camera for your security purposes, then consider models that offer wide field of view.

If you are uncertain about a particular brand, go for products manufactured by reputable manufacturers. An unknown brand might be more pocket friendly but you might find yourself stuck when it comes to replacing a certain item and you are unable to find it anywhere.

If your requirements are strictly for hunting in the night, then you do not need a Cam with high resolutions, its better to spend more cash on a great infrared flash.

  1. Types of Batteries

A game can last from a couple of hours to days, so the last thing you want to be worrying about is power in your camera. Most times, you generally mount your device and leave it there unattended. Imaging coming back to collect it and realize your battery died. The more features you use, the more your battery juice will be drained. When looking for best gadget look for one that has:

Plug in option

Here, you can easily plug in your device to charge and leave it unattended for days. However, you will have to carry the entire plug in system with you, which can be bulky. But it is definitely worth it.

Battery sockets

Some gadgets require four, six, or eight sockets for AA batteries. If this is the case you can opt for:

Lithium batteries

Alkaline batteries

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are costlier than the other two options but they can last for years. If you look at it from an economical aspect, you will end up saving more money that if you have to keep stocking up on Lithium or Alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries are also weatherproof.

Go for devices that include a battery indicators, as this will protect you from unexpected shut down.

  1. Memory

All trail Cams mentioned above are compatible with a 32 SD card – and so are almost all other available devices. Some can accommodate higher storage capacity while others can accommodate only 8GB. Before purchase, think of what sort of storage space you will need. It is better to opt for higher storage capacity than lower as you do not want your camera stopping in between due to full memory capacity.

If you have a camera that takes multiple shots, then you need high data storage. Keep in mind that hunts can go on for days on end. When using a video enabled Cam, you need huge memory storage.

NOTE: Not all SD cards run properly in all cameras so make sure that you use a correct brand and quality.