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Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera Reviews

When you are looking for an effective camera, this one is a great choice to consider. It is amongst the smallest and high performing devices in today’s hunting industry.

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera is an awesome purchase to consider for all applications.

With this handy little device, you can take thousands of photos and record video. It comprises of a motion trigger range of about 100feet.

It operates using six AA batteries that last for a very long time. You can capture your perfect shot, be it night or day.

In this Browning Strike Force review, we shall take a closer look at some key features that make it worthy.

Design and Display

This item has a very unique and appealing design that serves as an effective camouflage. Its case is equipped with a Master Lock cable slot located at the back.

You are able to use this cable to secure your device onto a tree or even use its familiar nylon-webbing strap for better security.

In case you decide to use a tree or a stake to mount it, use its threaded insert. Its latches work great and in case of any failures, Browning is willing to send free replacements when requested.

It has an all-inclusive picture info bar that displays details such as date, camera ID, time, temperature, and much more. The display is easy to use as well as easy to read. It also has a backlit control panel that makes it easier for a user to program.

Features Of Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera

  • 5seconds to 2 minutes length HD videos with sound
  • Camera can take up to 10,000 images on 6 AA batteries
  • 0.67 second trigger speed
  • 10MP image resolution
  • Up to 6 Rapid fire images and up to 8 multi shot images
  • 100 ft flash range
  • 5 sec – 60 minutes Programmable picture delay
  • 12V external power jack, TV output, and USB port
Pros Cons
  • You will get fantastic opportunities to take tons of pictures, thanks to its 0.67 second trigger speed
  • Battery life can last up to three or four months depending on usage.
  • You can alternate between photos and video clips
  • You are able to set picture delay time
  • Its 10MP resolution allows user to blow up an image onto a big screen – yu can zoom in and your image will not be blurred
  • It is easy to operate even for first time users
  • Due to its camouflage casing, it is not noticeable – Animals as well as other hunters will pass it undetected
  • Affordable
  • Some users with bigger hands find t a bit difficult to operate because buttons are very close together
  • If mishandled, latches can break off
  • No viewing screen. To view your pictures, you have to remove chip and view on your computer

Photos and Videos Of Browning Strike Force Trail Camera

This item boasts a 10MP picture quality, a High Definition video with sound and Zero-blur Night IR photos. Its nighttime infrared flash ranges to about 100 feet. This model also has a very fast 0.67 second trigger speed.

You can also program in picture delay, which can be set anywhere between 5 seconds and 1 hour. Thanks to its video option, you can decide to capture nature in its raw, undisturbed form.

Browning has incorporated a new high-quality video processor, which allows a user to produce fantastic 1280 x 720 video with sound.

Its videos are of high definition quality and range between 5 seconds to 120 seconds for a single shot.

Time-lapse viewer software and Multi and Rapid fire models

You can take a time-lapse video clip using this camera. The time-lapse function allows you to put up your device in the field before programming it – this will automatically capture pictures at fixed intervals.

This feature is very useful especially if you are setting up in a new location where you are uncertain which point your hunting prey is entering from. You will not miss a single event when you use its time-lapse feature.

You can also play back any captured video clip. Your device can capture up to 8 multi-shot images and 6 rapid fire images.

When you trigger the multi-shot mode, you can capture multiple pictures at once. Each shot is approximately 3 seconds apart. Rapid-fire mode is similar to multi shot. The only difference is that rapid-fire shoots up to 6 pictures in a span of 0.3 seconds.

Battery life, Memory, And Warranty

Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera runs on 8 AA batteries. You can experience longer battery life. You are able to use different brands and types of batteries without a decrease in performance. The camera has an SD card slot that supports up to 32 GB. However, the SD card is not included so you will need to purchase one.

You can get your device repaired free of charge in a case of any defects related to the material. The warranty allows Browning to replace or repair your camera in case of any defects.

Browning Strike Force 10mp FAQs

Question: Can I use other battery brands than the ones recommended by the manufacturer?

Answer: After experimenting with several different brands/ types of batteries, there was no noticeable loss or gain in performance.

Question: Is it possible that small movements can trigger the camera?

Answer: Its motion sensor is very sensitive and any sudden movement will trigger it. Also, if the tree you have it on is blowing back and forth, that can set it off as well.

Question:  What is the trigger speed as some customers point that is higher than 0.67?

Answer: After countless tests, we timed the trigger speed to be around 0.7 seconds.

Final Verdict

When you consider all the benefits you are getting from it and then factor in the price, it is quite difficult to find any downside to it.

For such a low price, you will get all you need from a trail cam plus more! Strike Force produces fantastic trail Cams and this is no exception. Its 10Mp captures some of the sharpest pictures during daytime and thanks to its flash, nighttime images are also very good.

You can also browse the internet to find a Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera for sale if the set prices are too high. If you are looking to purchase, I think you will be very pleased with its overall performance.

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