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Bushnell Game Camera Reviews 2019

In our review, we shall look at why you need a Bushnell Game Camera, and how to select best Bushnell Cam on the market.

We shall include a detailed guide to help you during your selection process. Finally, we shall provide you with a list of our top 5 bushnell trophy cam and their reviews.

We came to this conclusion based on countless research, which showed us that below mentioned items are highly durable, affordable, and comprise of many key features, making them among the best priced items money can buy.

Let us take a look.

Introduction To Bushnell Game Camera

Low glow, no glow, freeze frame shutter, flashes, no flashes, the list goes on. When it comes to picking a camera to carry with you during your wildlife expedition, you will be astonished by how many different models there are in the market.

From different brands to different price ranges, features, that list is endless. However, one of the most popular brands happens to be Bushnell.

This manufacturer is known to produce high quality products that are waterproof, fog resistant, and other incredible features. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some things to consider before making a purchase.

How To Choose Bushnell Cam

Trail Cam flashes refer to the type of flash that emits once your device is triggered. There are different flash options available and selecting one will depend solely on you.

Flash-range differs from trail-cam to trail-cam – you should always inquire about range before making any purchase. The range will determine what sort of distance your machine can cover and still produce clear pictures.

Another thing to consider is number of LED’s on your camera. Infrared LED’s have more clarity than trail devices with fewer LED’s. Bushnell Cams have three flash options namely:

  • Low-Glow

This is where your device emits a visible faint red glow. The flash will be visible but not too much. Also, with low-glow option, your nighttime images will appear in black and white. However, you will still be able to collect clear images.

  • No-Glow

No-glow feature is a popular one among hunters. Cameras with this option come equipped with black LED’s which are invisible not only to humans, but to game animals as well. Animals and humans will be unaware of your hidden item as it snaps photos of them. This option is great for nigh-hunting as animals will not be scared away by a sudden dimming light. Keep in mind that nighttime pictures appear in black and white as well.

  • White-Flash

Think of your normal Camera – Devices with this feature produce colored images regardless of time of day. They provide best photos when compared to other flash options available. However, these types emit a very bright white flash which scares just about anything near them. If you want multiple shots of perhaps a deer; you will not be able to get one using white-flash Cameras.

  • Capture Modes

Bushnell Cameras come with two selections: still-photos and video. Still photos can be great for anyone who wants to capture a still image of a grazing animal. Selecting video though, will give you a small glimpse at wild animals in their element- - unaware that they are being watched. You will be able to zoom in and out, forward or track back your video once it’s uploaded to your computer. A user can record short footages of animals in their prime and make a small film if they wish. Bushnell offers devices that can capture both variations simultaneously

  • Capture Modes

Bushnell Cams come with two selections: still-photos and video. Still photos can be great for anyone who wants to capture a still image of a grazing animal. Selecting video though, will give you a small glimpse at wild animals in their element- - unaware that they are being watched. You will be able to zoom in and out, forward or track back your video once it’s uploaded to your computer. A user can record short footages of animals in their prime and make a small film if they wish. Bushnell offers devices that can capture both variations simultaneously

  • Trigger Speed

For still-photos, you can select trigger speed – this generally refers to how long it takes a trail cam to snap a picture once it’s in view. Game cameras with faster trigger speed can capture multiple images that would have otherwise been missed if it were on slower trigger speed. Bushnell’s come with trigger speeds ranging from 0.13 seconds to over 1.3 seconds.

  • Burst Mode

Burst Mode is when it snaps many pictures (say instead of one it takes 4) before stopping to reset. Burst Mode will let your trail device snap a lot of images before stopping. However, your SD card will tend to fill up a lot faster.

  • Megapixels

Pay close attention to megapixels as this will determine how clear your photos will be, especially when you zoom in on your laptop.

  • Detection Zone

This refers to the area where your device can detect movement, activate, and capture an image or start recording. Be wary of how wide and how long your detection zone is. The wider detection zone is better because your machine will be able to find more movement and activate instantly.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 12mp

1. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12pm

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 12mp

Durability is a key consideration as you want a device that can withstand extreme weather and still perform as it should. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD E2 is among one of the most desirable devices on the market.

They offer 12MP high-quality full-color resolution; 720p. It is very small and compact; you can carry it around with you with ease.

You will take fantastic pictures every time no matter the time of day. We have concluded that it is among one of the most affordable Cams that offer such quality picture and video clips.

This means that a user can take fantastic images with great colors that are very clear. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 is truly one of the best stealth cameras available. It works well and lasts for a long time.

Using its fast 0.3 second trigger speed, you will not miss any shot you wanted. Get all shots without missing a beat. Your Bushnell Trophy Cam has its own auto sensor that helps a user determine the difference between daytime and nighttime – this way you can switch to whichever mode that will enable you to take better pictures.

Using this feature, you can set up and get a shot within a shorter time. Its battery life is quite impressive and all other functions work just as promised. It built quality is exceptional and your device should last you for years to come when well taken care of.

2. Bushnell 12MP Trophy Cam

Bushnell 12MP Trophy Cam

Summed up, Essential E2 has great color day pictures, outstanding battery life, fast trigger speed, and incredible might photos & videos. Let us elaborate.

If you are new to trail Camera world, you might think that Essential E2 is an Aggressor model – on the surface, these two models are identical and it takes a pro to tell them apart. Tip: Essential E2 does not have an external battery jack and it has a 12MP resolution Camera.

Picture trigger speed is extraordinary at 0.22 seconds! Essential E2 detection range is approximately 60 feet. Daytime images are incredibly clear and crisp, thank 12MP resolution.

You can see small specs on an animal as you zoom in – your photo will not blur even if that animal was moving when the picture was taken. Night photos will amaze you. Essential-E2 uses Red Grow Infrared flash type. Wildlife will not be aware of the device. This product is set to last a long amount of time in the field.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14mp

3. Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam (Top Pick)

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14mp

Bushnell Trophy cam HD aggressor 14mp hybrid has an incredibly strong casing that does not ding or dents easily.

It comes with a 2.4-inch LCD display which allows you to look at your photos from your device without having to squint.

Your model comprises of 14 MP high resolution pictures that are clear and crisp. When compared to other cams in the same price range, you will undoubtedly notice picture quality.

Your trail camera can send pictures via AT&T GSM network. You require a SIM card and a data plan to access this service. Before purchasing your Bushnell Trophy Cam, check out AT&T coverage map first to see if your area is covered. You will have complete control over your camera and you can do so from a Smartphone app or from a computer.

You will be able to zoom in and out without that photo getting distorted. Enjoy looking at distant objects on your laptop without having to squint.

This model comes with a 32-infrared no glow LED setting. A user can take night time images without alerting a prey about their presence. You will have access to a 60-foot flash-range; both distance and brightness perform just as well even during night time.

You will not miss any action once you activate its Field Scan 2x technology – you will be able to capture images at pre-set intervals.

4. Bushnell Aggressor 14MP Trophy Cam

Bushnell Aggressor 14MP Trophy Cam

Aggressor low-glow is a good option for anyone wishing to monitor local animals for long periods of time. Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam comprises many key features which we shall discuss below:

Available in brown and camouflage casing, Aggressor low-glow (not to be confused with almost similar Aggressor no-glow) has a slightly visible infrared LED. When triggered, it emits a small near-invisible light that does not scare away nearby wildlife. The aggressor can take three pictures in burst mode in less than a second! Quite impressive as you will be able to have access to even the fastest animals out there!

Aggressor’s Cam has a 0.2 second trigger speed – this is incredibly fast. However, the video takes a little longer but because it’s so quick to respond, you will be able to record more film.

This trail Cam offers incredibly high video quality, thanks to its 1080p. Keep in mind that video takes up a lot of space so if you want to leave your device out there for a long time, it would be best to set image mode as opposed to film.

Aggressor comes with a 14MP – a user will have high quality photos and videos that will blow your mind. Many products offered for the same price have 8MP, which cannot even begin to match 14MP!

Aggressor takes 8 AA lithium batteries – while many devices offer you perhaps 6 months of battery life, this model boast 12 months battery life. Overall, another fantastic gadget by Bushnell.

Bushnell 24mp Trophy Cam HD

5. Bushnell 119877 24MP Trophy Cam

Bushnell 24mp Trophy Cam HD

When working with a budget, there is no better alternative than Bushnell 119877 24MP Trophy Cam. Granted that it does have some outdated tech, it still performs beautifully.

Bushnell 119877 is available in a beautiful sleek black color and texture – you can be able to hide it in plain sight and no-one will notice it. A buyer can purchase it for home security use or for wildlife observation.

With only 24MP resolution, 720P HD video. However, you will have decent images regardless of time (be it day or night). We would recommend if a video is your primary objective.

24MP Trophy cam is charged with 8 AA batteries that can last up to 12 months. 24MP Trophy Cam has fantastic power saving setting – you do not have to worry about external power sources once you set it up.

Overall, past customers have raved about the power management of the system and its high-quality pictures that do not blur when you zoom in.

Final Verdict

It appears some new feature is always being added to Bushnell Game Camera – with more and more brands being introduced into the market, selecting just one is becoming more difficult.

However, Bushnell is still among top brands and most popular. This is because they have incredible devices that allow you to feel one with nature; features which allow you to capture wildlife when they are in their zone – plus, it does not hurt that their products are incredibly durable and affordable.