Buying Designer Watches

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Generally, anything that’s designers is eye-catching but expensive, and watches are not an exception to this. Getting a designer watch might be as hard as getting one that suits perfectly. To get an excellent and top-quality watch, there are certain things you would have to take heed of in other for you to get your choice and also work within your budget. Here we would give you a few things to take note in for you to get a befitting designer watch.

Buying Designer Watches

The Age

You would find it weird to see a grown, working class man wearing a Disney-themed wristwatch right? Yes, this is why your age matters.  It is necessary to put into consideration your age while buying any sort of adornment, and watches are not excluded here. Watches are usually designed according to age groups, that is to say, a young professionals watch model wouldn’t be like that of an old man’s model or that of a middle-aged man. Considering your age and getting a watch that fits with your age and needs is essential.

Wrist Size

Imagine a size 14 woman wearing a dress that belongs to a size 8, what do you think that would look like? Obviously bad. This also applies when getting a watch. Your wrist size should be one of the first things to consider. Your watch size should always match your wrist size; make sure that the face, dials and strap are just the perfect fit. For a thick and big wrist, make sure the parts of the watch are sufficient. For a small-sized wrist, a little watch with small pieces is best.

By Images

By image, we obviously do not mean a picture. An image here simply means your persona, the general or public conception of you. You certainly have a bogus pocket if you are going for a designer watch; why not spend the money wisely. A superior and top-quality, luxury brand watch would only cost you a few thousand dollars. To create and maintain a certain public impression you would have to live up to it.

You want to be formal but yet sophisticated? Get a watch that speaks just the same. You don’t want to look like a casual, sporty person when what you actually want to portray is a formal and classy person. To fit your events which might likely be official, then you need a watch that speaks formality.

What’s your Budget?

Different designer brands have different kinds and varieties of watches scattered around the market. In every market, the various products sold, are usually aimed at different economic classes of people. This also applies in this case. The designer watch producers have their watches aimed at people of a specific economic class and are very aware of what they can afford. The manufacturers are well aware of the expendable stipends of their buyers.

With this, it’s been made easy for you to get a watch that fits perfectly into your budget. When getting a watch, it is necessary that you don’t just consider it monetary worth but also its standard and quality. Check: Are Nixon Watches good as a designers choice?


Your occupation plays a vital role in determining the type of designer watch to get. Your line of work should determine your choice. Someone who works menial jobs or jobs that would involve a lot of handworks like a mechanic, engineer or the likes, would have to get a watch that can withstand harsh weathers, continual use or mal-handling. For people who work in the TV industry or regular office jobs, a classy and formal watch would do.

Designer watches are usually worth their prices and can add an exquisite taste to your appearance. In other to buy one that would suit your lifestyle and also your pocket, these tips would come in handy. We are sure you would enjoy using your watch for a long time after taking your pick.