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Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera Review

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera Review And Buying Guide

Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera is a 5MP game Cam that’s best suited for budget conscious customers.

This handy little device has a trigger speed of 1.16 seconds, which is considerably fast and allows a user to get their perfect shot. People tend to overlook this item due to its small size.

However, it is much more powerful than expected. If you are looking for something that is affordable and reliable, then Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Cam will not disappoint.

It gives a user a wide field of view and can detect movement in many square feet of terrain that other devices in the same price range cannot.

Your gadget will take a photo every time it detects some movement, ensuring you get tons of fantastic images. Let us take a closer look at this model in Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera Review.

Display Of Moultrie A5

It works well in forest areas and food plots making it one of the perfect choices for outdoor game activities if you are working with a budget. If you plan to buy it for home security, it will not as well as it will stick out.

It has a camouflage casing, which blends very well with surrounds. Simply install it in a tree and all by-passers will pass without noticing it. If you are looking for pocket friendly, nothing can beat Moultrie A5

The casing is a tight and snug fit, so even if you hit it by mistake, any shock will be absorbed by its casing and will not affect any of your shots.

It is water resistant as well and holds up pretty well in bad conditions. Small size does not work against it but works on its favor.

Features Of Moultrie A-5

  • 5Mp low Glow infrared resolution
  • Day and night video clips
  • 4 Picture delay mode settings; 1, 5, 10, and 30 minutes
  • Moon phase, time, date, and camera ID stamp
Pros Cons
  • It is very simple and easy to operate.
  • Durable and reliable
  • You get four picture delays mode options: 1minute, 5, 10, or 30 minutes, the choice is up to you)
  • You are able to set photo resolution to high – which is 2560 x 1920 – or opt for low – which is 640 x 480.
  • Easy to mount thanks to its in-built brackets that accepts a python lock. Your Cam also has a ¼ x 20 threaded insert on both bottom and back of your device for a slate river mount.
  • You cannot change video resolution meaning you have to use its preset settings, which are 640 x 480
  • Its batteries (4 C cell) are hard to find
  • This model does not have time lapse mode
  • Some users argue that 4 picture delay modes are pretty limited

Images and Video

Moultrie A5 Low Glow has 5MP image resolution. You can zoom in on any picture without it becoming blurred or distorted. Your images will look fantastic and wonderful even on big television screens.

Pictures are more colorful in both picture modes – daytime and night time. Night pictures are captured well, thanks to its 30ft flash range.

Your images will not be blurred at all (this is one of the major flaws you find in other trail Cam’s night pictures). However, this model does not produce bright enough images at night.

Depending on what size of memory card you have installed, you can capture up to 24,000 high-quality images in a 32GB memory card.

If you use low-resolution photo settings, you are able to expand SD memory to 128,000 images! Video capacity will be around 54 minutes of video clips – this is assuming you take clips of 10 seconds or longer.


You need only 4 C cell batteries to operate. They last for a long duration of time, some lasting up to four months depending on usage.

Manufacturers ensured that all in built features do not draw too much power; hence your device will stay operational for days on end.

The battery saving mode “standby mode” ensures that battery usage is reduced when your device is not operational.

However, aside from standby mode, the overall power consumption of this camera is very low, even when it is operating at 5Mp

Resting current draw is a mere 0.22 milliamps, daytime power consumption is 256ma, while nighttime power consumption goes up to 1270 ma.

Performance Of Moultrie A5 Game Camera

This model is best suited for beginner lever and intermediary level users – all advanced features are very easy to operate. However, it will be easier for first time trail Cam users to operate as opposed to individuals who are used to more complex models. Beginners tend to have an easier time with its operating learning curve than professional level users.

Due to its 5MP resolution, you will get more storage space when you take pictures or videos. Nighttime vision works exceptionally well and rangers up to 30 feet out. To get that perfect shot, you can place your device at a far distance – though not too far out.

The PIR motion detection sensor is very precise. Its SD card support allows a user to save up more data. It is easy for users to eject and transfer all of their files to a compatible computer or a MAC system.

You get complete clarity with your images and they are not fuzzy or washed out. If you want a small trail Cam that can last up to six years without needing any placements, then Moultrie A5 will definitely deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can it be connected to a power source such as 12V or 120V?

Answer: Yes, your gadget has a power port for an external power source

Question: How long it the battery life?

Answer: This really depends on the type of battery you use and what you mostly use your Cam more. For example, do you take more mages than you do video? Video clips tend to consume more battery power but when economized, it can last a good 4 to 5 months

Question: Can animals or other hunters see it when it takes nighttime photos?

Answer: This gadget is virtually unnoticeable.

Final Verdict

If money is an issue, then go for this Moultrie A5. This low-end game Cam is for individuals who wish to capture some images and videos of wildlife, while still working on a budget.

It has limited options and can prove difficult to set up. If this happens, refer to your Moultrie A5 low glow game camera manual for instructions.

Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam Aggressor Low Glow Trail Camera

The Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam Aggressor Low Glow Trail Camera has to be one of the best trail Cams available. It is among one of the most desirable devices on the market due to its full-resolution 14MP images, insanely fast 0.2 second trigger speed, as well as its 5 sec – 60 seconds 1080p HD videos. This state of the art device comprises of a programmable trigger speed operating on 1 sec – 60 minute intervals. This model has the ability to do what more expensive models advertise.

Bushnell Aggressor Cam has a 1 second hyper recovery time, which means your camera is always ready to shoot! Read our Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam Aggressor Low Glow Trail Camera review below to better understand the benefits you shall receive when you purchase it.


Performance and Quality

Trophy Can HD Aggressor from Bushnell has truly raised the bar for other trail Cam manufacturers. It gives you fantastic 1920 x 1080 HD video and full resolution 14 MP color images during daytime. It has an adjustable Hyper PIR motion sensor that offers wide range coverage out to 60’’. Night vision system delivers crystal clear nighttime images. This device features a Freeze Frame Shutter technology that reduces nighttime image blurring.

Another fascinating feature is its Hybrid Capture mode. Here you can capture video and images at the same time! All images feature time, date, moon phase, temperature, barometric pressure, and GPS stamps.

This model also has an adjustable PIR. A user can set up their device to take closer images through its low PIR selection option. You can opt for medium PIR selection or its high PIR selection.



Using its fast 0.2 second trigger speed, you will not miss any shot you wanted. Get all shots without missing a beat. Its pictures are powered by 36 very powerful LED Low-Glow IR flash that illuminates up to 100 feet away. You do not have to use its 14MP resolution with all photos – you can opt for a lower setting to save on storage space. Your images will turn out pretty good.

This model also features an Advanced, detachable anti-reflection cover (ARD) that helps minimize its LED flash visibility to other hunters or animals. You also get a multiple capture options.

Bushnell Aggressor Cam has its own auto sensor that helps a user determine the difference between daytime and nighttime – this way you can switch to whichever mode that will enable you to take better pictures. Using this feature, you can set up and get a shot within a shorter time.


Your Cam is compatible with other external power sources. In case you need to plug it to charge, you can do so using external sources enabling you to continue taking pictures throughout. If you do not having another alternative, you can use 8 AA batteries to power it up. Your batteries should last you a good ten to twelve months without replacement.

One thing that impressed up the most was its size. It is very small and compact; you can carry it around with you with ease. You will take fantastic pictures every time no matter the time of day. It is truly one of the best trail Cams available. It works well and last for a long time. Durability is a key consideration as you want a device that can withstand extreme weather and still perform as it should.


After a thorough online research, we have concluded that it is among one of the most affordable Cam that offer such quality picture and video clips. Its battery life is quite impressive and all other functions work just as promised. This models’ built quality is exceptional and your device should last you for years to come when well taken care of.

Bushnell Aggressor Cam is better when used by individuals who are intermediate and upper levels. It is best suited for advanced users as they will benefit the most from all its additional features. If you are a beginner, the manual might be confusing and not too helpful – this is why intermediate users will have an easier time operating it. Although, if you are someone who embraces challenges and are good with such devices, then give it a go. Once you learn how to use it best, you will be amazed at all the customizable features available.


High quality 14MP full resolution color by day

Hyper Night Vision System

Hyper PIR motion sensor

Freeze frame shutter technology

Hybrid capture mode

1sec – 60 seconds video clips

Adjustable web belt with ¼-20 socket for easy set up and installation

Built-in black and white LCD viewer

Time, date, temperature, moon phase. Barometric pressure, and GPS stamps

Super high 1920 x 1080p HD video



– Due to its Hyper Night Vision system, you will get sharper nighttime images

– Its PIR motion sensor has a very wide coverage out to 60 feet

– It can capture video and still images at the same time

– Included technology helps fight blurring in nighttime images


– It takes a while to learn how to use all the features available

– Does not come inclusive of batteries or an SD card

– The trigger is a couple of seconds slower on videos and it takes a while to recover for the next triggering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are daytime images same as nighttime?

Answer: No, daytime images are colored and nighttime pictures are available in black and white only.

  1. What are its dimensions?

Answer: It has a very compact size and measures at 12’’H x 7.5’’ W x 3’’D. This small model is also weatherproof and holds well to wet, windy, and stormy weather.

  1. What should I do if my item is not working as promised?

Answer: In case you receive a defective item, call their customer care number as soon as possible and request for a replacement. The process might take a while but it will be well worth it.

Final Verdict

After intensive research, it is clear that there’s no other Trail Cam within the same price range that beats Bushnell 14MP Trophy Cam Aggressor Low Glow Trail Camera. This model gives you features that can only be found in more expensive models. As mentioned above it has a 0.2 trigger speed – this feature ensures you never miss your perfect shot. You can choose to take images and video at the same time! If you are yet to be convinced, search online for past customers reviews; it is evident that this device delivers just as promised. If you have used it before, tell us about your experience; we would love to hear from you.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless Reviews

Have you had the opportunity to use Bushnell Trail Cam? If yes, then you know why we consider them one of the best brands in the industry! This cellular trail Cam has created quite the buzz in the outdoor community. Read our Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless review to learn more about this fascinating device.

This trail camera runs on AT&T network provider. You will have complete control over your device and you can do so using a smartphone app or from your computer. Some settings you can control from your internet and app are: LED flash intensity, Delay intervals, Motion sensitivity, shutter speed, camera mode, image resolution, number of photos per trigger, and much more!

Set up

When you put batteries on and power up your device, head on over to Here, you can access your machine over the AT&T network. All you need to do is enter the serial number of your Cam and then register the SIM-card and activate your gadget. From here on, you can remotely set up the Bushnell Cam. Program everything the way you want and head on out to your deer hunting adventure. You can choose email alerts or app alerts.


Referred to as “thumbnails”, they are small, low-resolution versions of your trail cam images. Original images are still stored on your SD-card but only thumbnail is transmitted to the app and internet. Each image is time and date stamped.

Cellular coverage

Your Bushnell gadget uses AT&T GSM network for cellular coverage services. You require a SIM Card and an internet coverage plan to access this service. Before purchasing your Bushnell Cam, peruse through the AT&T coverage map first to see if your area is covered.

After purchase, Bushnell will ship the gadget with a SIM card and your network plan is free for the first month – this trial begins when you set up your account and register this Bushnell model. If you wish to change your data plan, you can do so by contacting Bushnell or by making online purchase. Frequently peruse through your accounts page on the WTC site for rates and data bundle upgrades.


If money is an issue and you are trying to save up, then we would suggest you try looking for cheaper alternatives as this model is on the higher price range. However, the features and benefits you get are worth every penny. Initial price is inclusive of one-month free Internet service. You have several choices when it runs out. Some options available include:

– Maintenance mode – 0 monthly thumbnails at $6.99

– Economy package – 1,000 monthly thumbnails at $9.99

– Basic package – 2,000 monthly thumbnails at $19.99

– Deluxe option– 5,000 monthly thumbnails at $29.99

– Elite option – 10,000 thumbnails per month at $59.99

If you do not live near hunting camps, maintenance mode is perfect for you because you will have complete control over all your settings and you can also view your battery life. Keep in mind that no images or thumbnails are received on your Apps with this package

All other data packages are per month and the price is recurring.


You will receive 60 feet of flash range and PIR sensor, 32 No glow LEDs, and 2.4 inch LCD display that is easy to use and navigate.

Video length is 1 second to 60 seconds – this setting is programmable via the display or app setting.

Your Bushnell Cam has 2X field scan with two available time slots. Users can monitor dusk and dawn movements.

A user is able to capture tons of images using the 0.6-second trigger speed. Enjoy 8MP high quality photos – daytime or nighttime images.

Temperature range is -5 degree F to 140 degrees F.

The battery life is known to last for more than three months without needing replacement.


– You can view tons of information about your Cam from laptop or your mobile phone such as battery level, Cellular signal strength and storage capacity

– Users have complete wireless control over their Cam – You are able to program your gadget remotely

– There are varieties of Internet bundles to choose from. This way, you are able to pick one that is pocket friendly and suitable to your needs

– You receive alerts of your new trail Cam photos on your cell phone


– Thumbnail option is confusing to many people and learning how to operate will take some time.

– It is expensive

– Charges are recurring, meaning you have to pay per month to receive above mentioned services

– You will receive no images or thumbnails if you subscribe to Maintenance Mode

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if you are out of range and your Trail cam has no cellular signal?

Answer: If you do not have signal, your device will work just like regular trail Cam. You can still use for taking images, videos etc

  1. What is the quality of thumbnails sent?

Answer: The thing to keep in mind is that these are not some high definition quality pictures, they are just thumbnails, but they do show some fairly decent images. Your Storage Device still has all images saved and they are high quality pictures.

  1. Can I receive thumbnails to my computer only if my phone text rates are too high?

Answer: Yes, you can choose email alerts only. Select this option when you are customizing settings

Final Verdict

Just like any other gadget, research and read up about Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless Camera before purchase. This way you will have an idea of what to expect. If your wireless connection does not work, simply use as any other trail Cam until you get to a location with strong wireless signal. You will not lose any images as they are saved in your SD card.

All thumbnails are also available on your storage device – you can easily transfer them to your laptop or blow them up on big screen for better viewing. All in all, this product delivers. If the price is too steep, you can browse through some websites and look for Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless cameras on sale. You are bound to find deals soon enough.

Remember to purchase a security box and anti theft cable to ensure your gadget is protected at all times.

Browning Trail Camera Dark Ops Reviews 2019

Browning Trail Camera Dark Ops Reviews 2019

If you are an outdoor junkie and love to hunt, then you have definitely heard of Browning manufacturers. This company has been on the market for years, and their products are said to be innovative and top the line.

Browning offers vast models of trail Cams, all in the different price range, ensuring any user can find a suitable item.

Their cameras are sturdy, solid, and very durable. They are inclusive of all features necessary to cover every need of a wildlife observer or a hunter.

In this Browning Trail Camera review, we shall take a closer look at Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops.

It provides excellent quality and overall value. The performance you will get is same as higher priced models. Dark Ops uses invisible night vision LED’s – this means that you can take pictures at night and anything passing by will not notice it.

Design Of Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops

Dark Ops comes in a plastic shell and inside this covering, you get your camera and an instruction manual – your manual has all conclusive details on how to set up, mount, and use your Cam.

This device is well designed. Its front has a tree bark camouflage finish and the other components are solid brown in color. Cover latches are strong allowing your camera to withstand brutal elements for months at a time.

Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops Features

  • Fast trigger speed of 0.67 seconds.
  • Recovery time of 2.3 seconds
  • Infrared flash detection range is up to 70 feet
  • Has a 10Mp resolution camera
  • Can record video clips with lengths of 5 seconds – 2 minutes
Pros Cons
  • Durable design
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable price – when compared to other model offering same features, Dark Ops is a steal.
  • Easy to use –even a first time user can set it up and operate it with no difficulties.
  • No glow infrared flash – you can use it for security purposes as well because it goes undetected.
  • Nighttime power consumption is a bit high
  • When compared to other models from same brand such as Strike Force, its detection range is shorter
  • Some users have said that daytime pictures should have more clarity

Performance Of Browning Dark Ops

Trigger speed of Dark Ops is considerably fast at 0.67 seconds. It has a recovery time of 2.3 seconds. This recovery times enables Dark Ops to be ready to shoot images fast, ensuring you never miss your perfect shot. This speed is perfect for home security use or wildlife use.

The speaker and 12V power port are located at the bottom. Its power port is covered by a silicone rubber cover that protects it from moistures.

Navigating your option menu is fairly simple. Used the “E” mode and operate using the four directional buttons. Here, you can set up the date, time, and select your desired picture settings.

Browning Trail Camera – Dark Ops infrared flash detection range is up to 70 feet. This is a bit low when compared to other Browning models. But it is still a great range for any trail cam. Overall performance of this gadget is very reliable, even in different weather conditions.

Battery and Storage

To load your 8 AA batteries, all you need to do is push the “Eject” button located at the top and your battery compartment will slide out from the bottom. Batteries are not included in the package, so you will need to buy some. To add longevity, manufacturers advise you to use lithium batteries. For cost saving purposes, you can opt to use NiMH rechargeable batteries.

If possible, do not use alkaline batteries as they do not last long and this might cause you to lose precious shots. This model features a low resting current setting – you can expect daytime power consumption to be very low. However, nighttime consumption remains high.

Located on its inner side is a standard SD Card Slot (it can hold up to 32 GB SD card), a TV Out port for viewing images and video on a TV screen, and a USB port that you can use to connect to a computer.

Pictures and Video

Dark Ops takes high quality images that are bright and have good contrast. Daytime pictures have little to no blur – they are quite sharp and in focus. You will receive sharp images of even a deep running across your camera frame.

Nighttime images are also very good and have minimal ghost effects. It is a no glow device, so expect your images to be a bit dimmer. However, if an animal gets too close to the lens, your picture will be greatly whitened out.

Its high definition video function has the ability to record sound. Video quality is great and you can choose the length of video clips ranging from 5 seconds up to 2 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Does Dark Ops offer night video recording?

Answer: Yes it does. However, keep in mind that night video clips are only 10 seconds long. You can still capture some amazing quality clips but you do not get the option of a 2-minute long video recording.

Question: What is the best alternative to Dark Ops if I cannot afford it?

Answer: Dark Ops is not expensive but there are other Browning models that provide near similar services at lower costs. Best alternative is the Strike Force. However, each of these models has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Question: How long does one set of recommended lithium batteries last?

Answer: 8 AA lithium batteries should give you about one hunting season of battery life.

Final Verdict

These cameras are compatible with several accessories including a Browning Security Box that gives you 3 places to lock your box to a tree. The 3 places include a standard padlock, and the other ports located on the back work best with a steel Python cable.

If you are looking for more flexibility in mounting and aiming your camera, then a Browning Tree Mount is what you need to purchase.

Browning Trail Cameras Dark Ops truly gives a user best value for their bucks. Aside from AA batteries, you can use rechargeable batteries in case your batteries run out of juice.

The device is packed with some pretty awesome features and produces very satisfying videos and high-quality photos – be it daytime or night time.

Next time you are searching for trail Cam for wildlife observation or for security purposes, Dark Ops is exactly what you need. Thanks to its “no glow” features, it goes undetected by passerby and animals as well.