Covert Trail Cameras – Guide & Reviews

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In this review, we shall take a closer look at what makes Covert Cams a good option when it comes to selecting a trail camera. This review is only for Covert model. We have compiled a small guide to help you during your purchasing process – if you are a newbie, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Our covert trail camera review not only looks at top three best Covert Cams on the current market but also provides you with a detail review on why you should consider purchasing a Covert Cam and key things to take into consideration during your selection process. Our top three models were picked due to their affordability, durability, and all the incredible features they provide a user with. These three models are definitely going to provide you with best value for your money. Without further ado; let us dive into it.

Introduction to Covert Trail Cameras

Covert Cameras have a terrific reputation amongst people who are trail and game photographers. This is because that most of these models are waterproof and are known to last for years and years to come when well taken care of. These devices are both durable and dependable, making them a must have item for people who are passionate about this type of adventures.

Ease of Use

In case you are a beginner, trail camera is a device used to record images by using either camera mode or video mode. Covert devices are mainly used for game surveillance by hunters or for photography purposes by wildlife enthusiasts. Covert models are incredibly easy to set up and they have ability to automatically take pictures when their sensor motion is activated.


Covert trail cams come with different types of flashes – the options range from device to device. As a buyer, it is your job to always first inquire about a specific model’s flash range as this will later on determine how clear you can see animals when a picture is taken during night time. Available flash options include low glow, no glow, and white glow.

– Low-glow refers to models that come equipped with a faint red glow when a cam flashes. With such a device, you will be able to collect clear images – however, that low glow flash might scare off animals especially during night time. Note that nighttime images will be black and white.

– No glow is a term used when your device comes with black LED’s which are not visible to a human or an animal’s eye. This is the most common type of Covert cams as you might even get an opportunity to get an up-close-and-personal image or video clip of animal just mere inches away – as they are unaware of your Cams’ presence. One thing to note though is that models with this option produce only black and white images during nighttime.

– White-flash is perhaps the most unpopular type of flash setting available. However, you might find some Covert model inclusive of them. This type will provide you with colored images regardless of time of day. This means that your nighttime pictures will be bright and colored as well. If your main purpose is to be able to capture every single detail even at night, then go for Covert Models with this setting. However, keep in mind that it emits an incredibly bright flash (same as a smartphone) so your prey will become aware of its presence and might opt to steer clear from it.

How to Choose Best Covert Trail Cameras

When it comes to choosing best covert trail cameras, there are a few things to take into consideration. First thing you need to ask yourself is what you are looking for. What kind of features matter more to you?

For example; are you looking for a device that will provide you with wonderful night images or will black and white images suffice?

Do you prefer a model that will provide you with more video hours as opposed to images? Are you more interested in recording or do you want a model that is inclusive of fantastic trigger speed that will allow you capture multiple images in a span of a few seconds?

If images are more important, what megapixels are looking for? Keep in mind that higher megapixels means brighter, clearer, and sharper images. However, higher megapixels also mean that your storage space will fill up pretty fast – if your main objective is to leave your device out in the wild for long periods of months, it would be best to select less megapixels so as to save up on space.

Recommended Product Reviews

  1. Covert Outlook Trail Camera


It works well in forest areas and swamps and is a perfect choice for outdoor game activities. If you plan to buy it for home security, it will not as well as it will stick out. It has rounded edges that differentiate it from all other trail Cams on the market. If you are looking for uniqueness, nothing can beat Covert Outlook.

Durability and Performance

Some people think that because it is small, then it is fragile. This is not the case. The casing is a tight and snug fit, so even if you hit it by mistake, any shock will be absorbed by its casing and will not affect any of your shots. It is water resistant as well and holds up pretty well in bad conditions. Small size does not work against it but works on its favor.

It takes images with resolutions of up to a whooping 12MP! From all trail Cams we have looked at, this is the highest resolution offered for this price range. It has great clarity and brightness. You can blow up your image to view small objects in the back ground at your picture will still be clear. 12Mp resolution is available for both daytime and night time intervals.

Its images look awesome on a HD television. If you want to save up on space, you can opt for 3, 5, or 8MP mode. Images are still clear but you can note the difference when you alternate from 12MP down to 3MP.


This model can operate wonderfully on 4, 8, or 12 AA batteries. To load your AA batteries, all you need to do is push the “Eject” button located at the top and your battery compartment will slide out from the bottom.


Located on its inner side is a standard SD Card Slot (it can hold up to 32 GB SD card), a TV Out port for viewing images and video on a TV screen; and a USB port that you can use to connect to a computer.


The camera has an SD card slot that supports up to 32 GB. However, the SD card is not included so you will need to purchase one. 32GB memory card allows you to store thousands of images and tons of video clips. It is best to save all your date to your laptop or external hard drive after every hunting expenditure.

  1. Covert Extreme Red 40 Game Camera


Set up is fairly easy and quick and many customers have commented on this. You do not even need to refer to the manual for set up. If you have an old model, then this one is definitely an advanced camera. It has new button switch settings and labels. This device supports video clips, photos, and time lapse plus motion. Its LED flash cover provides a break up of dark blue and black LED’s.


Daytime images have exceptional contrast and color. Its photo resolution is 8 mp enhanced with three settings from high, medium, or low. The flash glow red, which contributes greatly when you are taking photos are night. Night images come out excellent. It has a perfect contrast that makes night pictures sharp and clear. Flash range is approximately 50 feet. If you are looking for best trail camera to take night pictures, then Moultrie is what you need. Night pictures are clearly the strong point for this device.


It requires 12 AA batteries to operate. They are stored in a pop out tray that is easy to reach. Enjoy hours of taking images and videos without worrying about your battery life. It has great consumption rate for both daytime and night pictures.


As mentioned earlier, this model comes with incredibly clear camera. This feature enables a user to take very clear images no matter their surroundings. It has a time lapse function and incredible trigger speed of approximately 1.2 seconds.


The camera has a picture trigger speed and illumination range of 50 feet with camera delays of one second up to 60 minutes. It also comprises of video trigger and recovery time, making it even more accurate. For video clips, trigger time is 1.49 seconds and recovery time is 7.7 seconds – this is well above average. Its detection range is at 70 feet.

  1. Covert MPE6 Trail Camera

Covert MPE6 Trail is a pretty great device that comes inclusive of a strap to attach to a tree, a USB cable, warranty, user’s manual, and an instructional card for quick set up.

Ease of Use

This model is incredibly easy to use and set up. Unlike other models that require a lot of set up time and more time allocated for learning how to use, the MPE6 is pretty straight forward. It comes with a built in screen that a user is able to use for reviewing while still in the field (meaning that you will be able to capture some images and view them directly from your screen without having to transfer them to your computer first.) granted the screen is not too big, you will still have access to clear and sharp images that are not blurry.

First thing you should always do is get to know your gadget first before taking it for a spin in the wild. Get accustomed to where all buttons are, what they are used for, ways you can customize setting to reduce battery usage, etc.

MPE6 is pretty straight forward though. But you can always refer to your manual if need be.


When you place it on video mode, you can capture video clips with 640 x 480 resolutions. You can pause and zoom in on animals at about 17 MB per second and approximately 1054 MB per minute without losing any details. You can also pick photo size of your choice ranging from 3, 5, or 6MP. Whether recording during daytime or night time, your data will be clear.


Covert MPE6 Trail Cam has exceptional detection circuit, thanks to its speedy recovery time, quick trigger, and solid detection zone. Detection range means that if an animal moves within range, your device will trigger and immediately take a video or picture, depending on your settings. Detection angle is same as its field view. You will be provided with ample area coverage.

Covert MPE6 has a trigger speed that’s pretty fast, meaning if your Cam detects and animal, chances are you will get that animal in the image, even if the animal was standing still or running. Recovery time is also super fast meaning a user’s device will be ready to take another image very quickly. A user will get multiple shots within a 1 minute time span.

Time Lapse and audio

You can set up your Cam to snap images at specific intervals. This is quite useful especially if you want to get a clear scope of what sort of animals might be lurking nearby when you are not looking. Watching video with audio will be more engaging as well. Imagine listening to an animal lurking nearby – you will be more motivated to go after him.

This model has audio so a user can hear the animals as well as see them. This feature can be useful if an animal moves past you and out of range while video is recording. Even if you won’t see it, you can have an idea of its movements by listening closely.

Final Verdict

When it comes to Covert items, you cannot go wrong. These items are produced with a sole purpose of quality. From images to video, you will be amazed by just how clear and sharp your pictures will be – be it still images or video clips. These above mentioned models are affordable and comprise of very many key features that work together to provide you with a fantastic experience. If you know of any other great Covert model that we did not mention, do not hesitate to let us know about it below. Also, we would love to hear of what you thought about our covert trail camera review so do leave a comment below.