How To Install Spintires Maps (Updated Information)

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Got asked ways to add maps to Spintires. And made a fast how-to with photos since they say much more after that words etc Most likely to Spintires and also click on Map in the menu.

what’s of guys tomcat here in lately a lot of peoplethen asking me how to install maps now i did a video on installing trucks a wild back i was in a video on installing maps as well.

But the system has changed feel a little bit it has changed all too much entire is pretty much always been the same in tersthis is how mods work and help.

An installation works and we’re going to do is we’re actually if you guys have been keeping up with the most of series were in the middle of exploring the map right now but what i’m going to do is postpone thatseries until later today where you guys will see more of that but in this video.

We’re going to be showing actually how to install the map and how to install the other man’s because the more i met just came out it’s not a private map anymoreand so it’s available and is not an l and he has to bepeople to install it so look for all the links they description below.

And follow on the tutorial and if you have any questions let me know in the common section below aren’t thanks guys and i’ll see that assume.

So the first step is to go to spin tires danielle and the thing will be in the description below and i will think directly to this map so you guys can download.

Basically you get a quick description on the map or do you have the mass name you get some actual pictures of the lab and then you get them in games screenshots now you can

Go over those if you want to you can also there’s he sometimes puts videos here too but what we’re going to be looking at right here is the download but you now what i’m going to what we’re in do obviously is pretty straightforward just clicked

Now you’ve been and then it all download

Now once the level itself actually downloads will pick it back up and you as a see what to do from there it’s all fairly straightforward

And hopefully you guys can get to give this map and

So all without any major issues now we need to do is make sure

The entire was his selected and write click on spin tires dense grown

Properties click properties

From their click browse local files

When you come into your spent tires folder you have to media

Files you’ll have the zipped one and you’ll have this and it media

Or here double click that and then that’s where you’re going to put the

For folders don’t worry if there’s nothing in here just placed those four folders

They came in the in the download into here and i’ll show you where were you have your maps toward for example under levels these are a bunch of different levels

Was that i have in the game so make sure you put all of your files into this

Media folder and then from there she has which your next if you’re done with that and your files have been dropped in i do recommend clearing your cash i’ll put a link and the description box below to where you can download daily

Hash for spent tires just to prevent errors

And your game getting getting kind of clogged up with with a bunch of different files trying to trying to fight with each other basically it also prevents prevents things

Just just stupid things that happened in the games sometimes because of entire is kind of an

Cable by i’ll leave linkage scarce marks below too

You guys can check that out now if you’ve installed everything properly when you get into the game you should clip be able to click play and load in a single player click and i have

Different map different many lay because i run to the entire place but on a normal menu would should look the same as well to click on all map

You’re map should all be here is especially spend my lab click on that selected trucks and you should be going to go now if you guys would like to see a video on installing

We trucks it’s pretty straightforward but because there on the steam workshop but some people have sold me and the

Moments that there’s has been some issues with their trucks not showing up with

If i had that if you for a while and i was able to fix it so if you doesn’t would like to see tutorial in that let me know on the comments below

And if you didn’t or this video don’t forget to leave me a like to me the common to blow he thought of it also has the next one because our awesome

See as later

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