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Moultrie Panoramic 150 is a panoramic game Cam that comprises of three motion sensors and a rotating camera lens that increases a user’s field of view drastically. It is a red glow infrared trail camera, meaning that its infrared LEDs glow red when you are taking a video or picture at night.

It comes with trigger speed of 1 second after motion sensors get triggered. This model requires just 6 seconds of recovery time. After 6 seconds, it is ready to take another photo. It has detection range of 60 feet, and 150 degrees field of view. Moultrie Panoramic 150 uses low glow infrared flash that covers up to 70 to 100 ft.


The camera has a picture trigger time of just under a second with picture recovery time of 6 seconds, which is good by today’s standard. It also comprises of video trigger and recovery time. Its primary feature is its ability to detect motion and take photos over an extremely wide field of view. Its detection range is at 70 feet.


Moultrie is enclosed in new case as opposed to previous model. The latch is huge and relatively easy to open and close even with numb fingers. It has angled loops that lock the device safely onto a tree. If you are fist time user, the programming will take some getting used to but after some time it becomes a breeze to operate.

The three black boxes below the rotating camera flash are motion detectors. They allow it to switch cameras in order to capture more movement over a wide area. For example, if it detects movement in its right zone, your device will automatically photograph it. If movement is directly in front, it will switch to center zone and capture that image. If movement is to its right, it will simply switch to right zone and continue clicking away. This example demonstrates just how useful the Cams wide field of view can be.


Photos and Videos

Daytime images have exceptional contrast and color, thanks to the 8MP resolution. The red flash glow contributes greatly when you are taking photos are night. Night images come out excellent. It has perfect contrast that makes night pictures sharp and clear. Flash range is approximately 70 feet. If you are looking for best trail camera to take night pictures, then Moultrie is what you need. Night pictures are clearly the strong point for this device.

Daytime video clips have solid clarity and good color. However, this model does not record video with audio. Night videos are excellent as well and the flash range is very strong.

Battery life

It runs on 6 C cell batteries. You can capture up to 9,000 photos without the need to change batteries. For longer battery life, you can:

– Stick to single shot or Panoramic mode because video mode and time lapse consume a lot of battery power

– Try placing it in warm, covered places. When temperatures are extremely low outside, they tend to draw more energy, thus draining your batteries even faster

– Use Energizer, Duracell alkaline, or lithium batteries instead of using rechargeable batteries.

Even with high nighttime consumption, your device holds up very well. Your camera can operate on 6 C cell batteries and it does not operate with rechargeable batteries so ensure you have extra batteries with you at all times.

Overall, if you want a device that has a good battery life and exceptional night pictures/ video’s Moultrie should be your choice. Read your manual carefully if you are unsure about what screw goes where – It’s pretty straightforward.


– It is well protected. A user requires a 5-digit pass-code to use it. If you forget your password, you will need to contact Moultrie to get it unlocked.

– Its 8MP resolution produces high quality images in both day and night modes

– Has excellent detection and flash range

– You receive three times the detection area as opposed to standard point and shoot trail Cams

– Due to its quality imaging, you can zoom in quite a bit to see all sorts of small details


– Sometimes your images might have some slight overlap due to its rotating camera lens

– Requires 6 C cell batteries – they are not as common as standard AA batteries

– It is a bit loud when rotating and can spook nearby animals

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is its motion sensor sensitive enough to detect a rodent or mouse from 15 to 20 ft away?

Answer: This model has been known to pick up small animals such as a possum from 15 feet away. If it were closer than 15ft, we are certain that it can pick up a mouse

  1. Is it too loud?

Answer: It operates in a very low, quiet sound that is barely audible in long distances. Only loud noise is perhaps during initial setup when you “wake up” your device. However, if you are setting up at close proximity, it might spook animals when rotating.

  1. What is the vertical field of range?

Answer: If you aim your device vertically, you will have approximately 50ft of view. If you use if for security, you can be able to clearly see anyone coming to your home, neighbors waling on the streets dogs, cats, etc

Final Verdict

Moultrie Panoramic-150 blends quite well with nature, especially when placed onto a tree of similar color. Its low glow infrared flash is not invisible but it does not draw too much attention to your device. Your Cam will be compatible with a Python style cable lock as well as a Moultrie security box – for security reasons. Moultrie Panoramic 150 trail camera is reasonably sized and fits easily into a standard backpack. You will be impressed by your device’s fast trigger speed, its high quality images, and its durability.

Before purchase, be aware that it runs on 6 C cell batteries, which tend to be heavier, more expensive, and harder to find. However, they will last longer than others so that’s a plus in our books. If you are in the market for a trail Cam, we highly recommend purchasing Moultrie Panoramic 150. It’s a bit expensive but the wide field of view you get will be worth every penny. This model is best suited for both wildlife observation purposes as well as home or business security.

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