Spintires Clear Cache (Updated Infromation)

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How to clear cache in Spin Tires?

Following path: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires. Where < USERNAME > is the name of your account on your computer.

If you have still problem then check blow video.

what’s going on goes respond swore to give you guys at the turtle today on how to clear your car

we get a lot of questions from people as we use

why I’m odds are maps don’t appear in a game after they’ve installed them and the reason is is because they have not care there

most people don’t realize that he has to do that to get a modern map to show up in the game

so for sing argues go to the before I make to the main down those

the page for here and just click on spent hours demo minds

and when you do that it’ll be the first thing that pops up in the last so click on that down the

~~~~~~~ say rip

open your downloads holder to be right there

[UH] you destroyed that on your desktop looked that and I go ahead right click extract files


and then you get these little folder hears open this older there’s one fallen and they so find yours been folder modest haven’t

but on the disk open it up and all you have to do is drag this file into this folder I’ve already done that minds are out there to use it I use

open it and why

enter and that’s what you’re crashes cleared if you want to even simpler way to clear catch if you download any

with brutes latest mods I believed maybe his last to the Peterbilt


there’s one other them through what it is but he’s got these made a special clear catch where you when you click on it

because when I just did automatically and on a matt, we start spent hours so if I double click on that it’ll clear the cash and just start the game right away which is very simple but either way

one will work so the to make cities your free go thing.

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