Spintires Map – Trials And Tribulations

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What is going on the guys talk at here in today we’re back in sudan tires and we are back

on the map trials and tribulations and we’re going to be running through some of the

decide trails and main trails that are actually pretty difficult in comparison to the trailer you rent for with the jeep instead of the

ten worth tight and now the can rotate and i actually it was funny when i originally set off i was going to go this way and then i look at the map and i decided not to and now that have german it in the jeep i’m really glad i didn’t bring the big grade this

the way i look at the angle on the ted right to that we just went through

you look at all the all the little hells and little things you have to climb over on this trail i don’t think that can worth would have liked this path very much i mean even if you know it’s like so you’ve got a main path like that and the new turn off to the side real and the side trail is even steeper i mean i had to put it in high

just to have scramble up this little hill and it’s like it’s not it’s not

something you would expect to see out of a logging map and i really started to think about and i was like you know

so logging maps don’t really don’t usually have stuff like this they don’t usually they don’t usually

have features like this they don’t usually they don’t usually have

side trails like this and they don’t most definitely have

areas that are almost like a separate playground for off rude vehicles

so that you know that usually lonely find on like off road park maps and exploration based maps and things like that but this map i think if you’re really if you’re looking for a map that’s super easy to install i mean it’s got

it’s just a basic map and

you ever met that super easy to install and you’re looking for a map that functions

for like you know for logging and

for tree writing and trail rigs and something that this map is one of the few that actually pulls it off and pulls it all properly

and i’m actually surprised me a time

just because of how just because of how like how how-how open it he

it’s like there’s there’s so much stuff you could actually do here that it actually it really surprised is it really surprises me

to the point were unlike man i kind of want to mind

we use this man or i mean look way out there in the distance you can see also some of them well you could see some of the

is kind of their kind of our to see from here but just know that they are here and i will be exploring them in another video but this particular video is all about the side trails and keep in mind this section right here is so steep go

going downhill i mean like i would not want to bring the kenworth down us especially with a trailer it would just

not work out very well although i do i want to try it sometimes just to see what it would be like because i feel like if you were to do that it would kind of be kind of me more like a

you know the truck could be out of its element but i would be curious to see how far it would go like

just to see if i could push it to its absolute limit now when i got to

about this point i saw this trail in the left and i think you know what matters will take it maize

mostly work goes and see where it leads you know see what’s see what’s going on down here and i ended up discovering

one of the most surprising little trails i’ve seen in a while and it feels it’s many because it reminds me of some of the more classic trailer writing maps

and you would not expect to find that i will logging amount of money on spent hours an l this map is described as

a logging map and i mean you got a couple

the screenshots that show you know trail rigs

so i think that but they look teaches looks like you know a little tiny cities

and they’re much more than that it’s

something you would think like i would assume it would be like oh yeah it’s just

it is you know tiny little tiny little route that goes off the main road is no

real it’s actually a lot more than that like there is a little tiny light rail network that goes throughout the mountain sections of this map that you could play around with for a good while and have a lot of fun and just kind of figure out what figure

you’re out what vehicles are good at what you know figure out what vehicles are good at what and also have

this other area to kind of mass around with the vehicles besides your logging trucks so and also to if you wanted to make a challenge out of it you could take your really small trucks through here

but i highly i highly doubt that anything pulling any sort of limit trailer even hauling lumber in like a bad would make it through here

which is because it’s so steepened difficult

and there’s so much going on on these trails i’m not sure if anything carrying lumber even if it was a really really really small little

worth i’m not sure if it could make it through here guys like i’m really not

pressure it just doesn’t seem it doesn’t seem like it would work let’s put it that way kind of one of those things very like yeah

no the yet release

Spintires Map – Trials And Tribulations Video