The Best Way to Store Your Handsaw

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The more you get to use your handsaw, the more you become familiar with and want to keep using it. Considering how much impact handsaws have on you many woodworking activities, you might want to keep purchasing more of them. Handsaws are known to lead the park at auctions, in the store and on a yard sale.

By knowing how to store your hand saws safely, you are ensuring that they are readily available for any job that might come along the line. Also, when properly kept, they will always remain in the best working condition to deliver excellent results.

Where to Keep Your Saw Safe

Where you keep your handsaw before, during and after use is very vital. You have to make sure that wherever it is that you are keeping your handsaw is a location that is safe enough to handle it. To secure this location which might be your workshop or somewhere in your wood shop, you can make use of locks and alarms.

handsaw storageDisplaying Your Saws Best

The more familiar you get with your hand saws, the more it becomes to you more than a piece of working tool. It becomes more of a companion that you would always like to show off to whoever is ready to catch a glimpse of it. In doing this, make sure you have a good storage option where you can carefully place your hand saws in so you don’t lose them while displaying them.

In displaying your saws, you have to be very careful, so a thief doesn’t come to pick them away. Hand saws can be very expensive especially those that come in beautiful designs. Due to how expensive they can get, many people are unable to get it. Though not being able to get them, people still want them. And this put yours that is being displayed at risk of theft. Once any intruder as access to where those saws are being displayed, converting it to theirs can happen in no time. This can result in further complications for you when your hand saw is used for any other illegal purpose like breaking into financial institutions and systems or breaking into any home or office.

The Best Way to Store Your Saws

After all that has been mentioned and said about the need to store your saws, let’s look at some of the best and accessible ways to store your them

  • A drawer with a small lock and alarm system can be the best storage option for you. In this drawer, you can put all of your hand saws and other woodworking materials and lock them up. Make sure saws kept inside the drawer are kept in place and out of the reach of children. Drawer locks or padlocks can be best to ensure that your drawer is safe always. When locks go wrong, make sure to call the services of a locksmith to help regain access. You can also sort the assistance of these locksmiths to, install, change and maintain your drawer locks.
  • A separate room could also be developed to house all of your saws. This is best advised when you have a number of these saw and other woodworking materials. The drawer might not be able to contain all of it so that a separate room will be the best option. However, it is necessary that you make the room secured enough. This way, you would not have to worry about anyone breaking into the room to do away with your hand saw or any other material that has been kept safe in the room.

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Your handsaw is one working tool that you should do everything within your reach to make sure it is kept safe. Kept safe because of how much useful it is to you and what you do, also because of what it means to you beyond just being a tool. It doesn’t matter whether you are keeping it for use, or putting it for display, make sure to store it well.

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